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Skillful Teaching, A Balanced Act ~ 100 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai
With Nico Luce and Clara Roberts
September 16-28, 2016


7,000 Early Bird Rate [expires on August 1]
7,800 Normal Rate

Clara Roberts-Oss from Brooklyn and Nico Luce from Argentina join forces once again to provide a one of a kind 100hr Advanced Yoga teacher training designed specifically for current yoga teachers and recent graduates of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training wishing to advance and begin to take their offerings from good to great!

Clara Roberts Yoga Teacher Training Dubai

Building upon what you’ve learned so far, Nico and Clara will refine your teaching/practice with feedback on cuing, sequencing and Bhavana (mood). They will encourage you to go deeper into the biomechanics of poses and transitions with the aim of cultivating a well-rounded class including inspirational themes and clear instruction. Known for creating playful sequences that are integrated and well balanced, they combine over 25 years of studies and yoga teaching experience.
Together they bring extensive knowledge in the field of asana through various lineages as well as philosophy, mantra, pranayama, energetic/anatomical techniques and meditation. If you’ve ever been curious about some of the more advanced backbends, inversions and arm balances, you’ll gain the skills to eventually lift off the ground with ease and to find confidence, grace and nourishment in your practice by freeing up your mind, spine, core, hips, and heart.


nico_luce_warrior 3

  • Vinyasa Asana LabVinyasa yoga is about combining intelligent sequencing with creative transitions, fluid pacing and precise timing. We will explore all these aspects from different vinyasa lineages including classical Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Anusara, Prana Flow and Forrest Yoga. We will also delve into general class structure; going over vinyasa krama (stages) so every student feels empowered to trust and listen to their bodies, creating a container for students to feel safe to explore emotions that may arise and how to conduct classes that are both fiery and cooling. Restorative poses and chill yin sequences will also be covered.
  • Anatomy of the Injured Yogi: As teachers we encounter many students who either come to class with injuries or get injured in class. We will go over common injuries such as neck, rotator cuff, lower back, knees, wrists and ankles. Information will be given on the most common ways these joints are injured, modifications for different needs and ways of helping rehabilitate.
  • Philosophical Journey to the East:We will read and discuss two key ancient masterpieces that reshaped spirituality in the eastern world, the Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching. [We recommend you read Stephen Mitchell’s translations of both texts. They need to be read prior to the training] These wisdom filled texts exemplify two radically different philosophical approaches to the same spiritual quest and are worth examining them today and contemplate their deeper teachings.
  • Subtle Body: Daily meditation, mantra and pranayama will be given at the start of each day along with discussion and practical application of these more subtle teachings.
  • Mini yoga class + feedback: Each teacher will have the option to lead a 30 min class based on the material covered in the program and will receive feedback (if they wish) from both Clara and Nico.


Nico Luce
 has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade and has trained in various lineages such as Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara and Pilates. He is also a devoted student of eastern philosophy and spirituality, which he weaves into the physical practice to create a profound transformational experience. Bringing meaning to the practice and attention to refined biomechanics are at the heart of Nico’s teachings.

Clara Roberts-Oss
 believes that much of the spiritual practice is about ‘lila’, cosmic play. When we play, we are open to the unfolding while in process. It is less about the goal and more about the evolution. Clara has taught for over a decade and has been leading retreats and teacher trainings worldwide for the last 5 years. She draws from many different traditions including Prana Flow, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Jivamukti, to create strong, integrated holistic classes. Clara has also studied philosophy with Paul Ortega, Lorin Roche and Daniel Odier.


 Testimonials shared by our past Dubai graduates

The overall structure of the workshop was absolutely awesome. The way we started every day’s session was very enlighten. By the time we reach our asana practice we were ready to rock, followed by firing up our core. Thanks Clara you are fantastic your energy made me stronger. – Jeanette 

One of the best training sessions I’ve been on thus far! Clara is an inspiring teacher, her passion for the practice as well as her experience shines through all the time. I love her style and realness. She’s very open to discussion, difference of opinion, exploring others ideas. The entire four days were from a space of love! – Aysha 

Clara is hugely inspirational –it was a treat to be taught by her. The practices exhibited the knowledge that she was imparting so that we could learn it kinesthetically too. I especially valued her alignments from a female perspective and the experience from her own teaching and injuries that she shared with us. – Mandy Wright

Nico’s organic enthusiasm and gregarious nature lends itself to the success of even the most passive learner! Having studied several different lineages and holding a core respect for each of them, he teaches and presents information that applies to many situations. I was never lost during our hours of discussion and debate; active listening happens naturally when Nico is teaching, making you want to follow along. His isn’t shy about sharing his experience or his own journey, to and through yoga, instinctively knowing how to connect to those he’s teaching. This workshop with Nico has not only answered questions but motivated me to ask more. The art of yoga, I believe, is an evolving state where experience provides layers upon layers of information, that weave together, enabling the student/teacher to consistently draw and learn from them. Nico is an artisan who pulls ‘fabric’ from many aspects— even the words themselves, to create and convey his teachings. My mental yoga mat is ever expanding thanks to vastly competent, qualified teachers; Nico is a perfect example of that. I welcome the opportunity to learn from him in the future! – Brittany Beltram
Nico was a wonderful teacher! I learned so much and he had an excellent approach with all of the students. I really appreciated being allowed to participate in the training even though I haven’t completed my 200hr. It was very beneficial for me to attend. Thank you – Michelle Remington

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