100hr Yoga Teacher Traning in Dubai

100hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai
With Nico Luce and Clara Roberts Oss
Hosted by Yogalates Bliss in Dubai
September 16 – 28, 2016 

Are you a yoga teacher or aspiring to be one? Ready to take your personal practice or teaching skills to a deeper level and become a powerful catalyst for your student’s transformation? Perhaps you have completed a 200 hour teacher training, but feel a little nervous about teaching? 

Clara Roberts-Oss and Nico Luce join forces once again to present a unique 100 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai in September 2016, designed for current teachers, graduates of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program and yoga enthusiasts with an active practice seeking to hone your teaching skills, deepen your understanding of Vinyasa Yoga and take your offerings to a higher level, progressing from good to GREAT.

Known for creating playful sequences that are integrated and well-balanced, they combine over 25 years of studies and yoga teaching experience. Together they bring extensive knowledge in the field of asana through various lineages as well as philosophy, mantra, pranayama and meditation. Building upon what you’ve learned so far, Nico and Clara will refine your teaching/practice with feedback on cuing, sequencing and Bhavana (mood). They will encourage you to go deeper into the biomechanics of poses, precise alignment, balanced sequences, well rounded classes and transitions with the aim of cultivating a well rounded class including inspirational themes and clear instruction.

Clara Roberts Yoga Teacher Training Dubai

This two week 100hr Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai for advanced practitioners and teachers is now open for registration. Submit your interest below to receive full course outline and how to secure the early bird rate before August 1, 2016. Or simply click – here – to read the complete online version.


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