Learn to Tap Into the Benefits of Yoga | 100hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, February 24 – March 7, 2017



All yoga practices conducted on the mat are part of the branch of Hatha Yoga – a gentle, more deliberate form of practice engaging asanas (yoga postures) offering a tremendous range of benefits for any level of yoga student. At the end of the day, practicing yoga is a personalized, unique beautiful journey of self discovery.

At Kreg Weiss’s 100hr Hatha Teacher Training, you’ll be fully charged with the skills to align, modify, and receive the practice that is genuine and authentic to you and your clients in order to balance and accommodate specific needs related to other activities and lifestyle patterns – athletes, injury recovery, pre- and postnatal, seniors, postural imbalance like forward head posture, or ‘text neck,’ which is increasing in our modern society resulting in unflattering number of issues like back and neck pain, headaches, jaw problems. .

You will learn specific flows to facilitate better posture by reversing chronically protracted scapulae and muscle imbalances that keep many people trapped in a poor posture resulting in severe neck and sudden back spasms.


And while considered a less vigorous style of practice, Hatha Yoga embraces a Yang energy offering a satisfying warmth and physical engagement from standing / seated / arm balances to core-flows which will be covered at the training. From the yin side, you’ll integrate beautiful, cooling postures and breath work to support the parasympathetic engagement of the nervous system, thus helping flush out stress and create a healing practice for the mind and soul – immensely needed in today’s busy lifestyle!

This training is an EXCELLENT foundation for yogis who may be keen to enroll into a 200hr at a later stage and for active teachers from all backgrounds wishing to expand their clientele base.


TIMINGS: 9am – 5:30pm
HOSTED: Voyoga Studio
EMAIL: yogalatesdxb@gmail.com
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The practice of ‪#‎ishvarapranidhana‬ [surrendering to a power bigger than us] requires us to have faith and trust in what the future brings rather than try to control what will happen to us and to those around us.

Ultimately, realization may come if one is oriented toward the ideal of pure awareness, which is Isvara. These are simple but easy to understand concepts that can help you on your yogic journey and daily life encounters. The yoga sutras of‪#‎Patanjali‬ are still as valid in these modern times as they ever were when he wrote them. People who read the sutras are fascinated and intrigued about his deep knowledge and understanding of how humans ‘tick’ and by following Patanjali’s guidelines in our life, we can make our entire existence a space of awareness and knowledge.

Explore the fascinating sutras as a trainee at our upcoming 200hr Dubai Yoga Teacher Training on July 8 – August 1, 2016 through a combination of in-class  daily discussions and homework, to understand the history of yoga and how to apply concepts pertaining to the origins of yoga as well as its philosophical underpinnings into your own class, thereby inspiring others around you.

Along with the philosophical portion of the training, Erica’s aim is to guide you through an evolved system of inquiry, deepen your practice, and launch into inspired and creative teaching of the discipline of ‪#‎Vinyasa‬ yoga – a step-by-step approach practiced in a creative, logical sequence alongside conscious breath and mental focus that leads to greater self-awareness. It is a dynamic dance between the body and the breath.


This in-depth yoga teacher’s training instructor’s course also includes specialty areas of teaching such as restorative, 90 minute Hatha sequences, yoga for beginners, prenatal, pranayama and ayurveda. Knowledge in these areas can be extremely helpful, especially in large classes that tend to include all types of people including high stressed individuals and new students.

Become a certified yoga teacher in Dubai in 2016

Rate: 14,500 AED

Register towards a life fulfilling 23 day journey and path to becoming certified as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher on July 8 – August 1, 2016
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