Meet Christina, founder of Ananda Soul Creations in Bali & Yogalates Bliss Partner!

Ananda Soul Creations in Bali

Ananda Soul Creations

Noura El-Imam, founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, had the delightful opportunity to interview one of her sponsors and partners, Christina, founder of Ananda Soul Creations (ASC) in Bali. Christina has been designing beautiful jewelry using the finest precious & semi-precious healing gemstones, Sterling Silver, and 22kt Gold Vermeil to offer a piece of beauty to carry with you every day. Every purchase made with ASC, 10% goes towards The Safe Childhoods Foundation in Bali, supporting under-privileged women and children, providing education and skills to empower them to live more fulfilling lives. And every purchase made online using the code “Noura2013” – you receive 15% discount. Double icing on the cake! Find out more by following this link:

Here we dive into Christina’s hard work, passion and purpose of creating Ananda Soul Creations —

Christina - Founder of Ananada Soul Creations in Bali

Christina – Founder of Ananada Soul Creations in Bali

1. How did you get started designing jewelry?

Having been creative ever since I was little through painting, drawing, sculpting, designing and my love for crystals (I inherited a few gems from my mother which are very very meaningful to me) eventually blended into my path of designing jewelry. I did a few courses in Hawaii in jewelry making and silversmithing and my desire to create meaningful jewelry was born. Initially I created heartfelt pieces for friends and family but soon more people started asking for pieces – that is how Ananda Soul Creations came to life.

2. Why did you choose to originate from Bali?
I was in a transition phase and came to Bali for a yoga teacher training. I’ve always been very intuitive, especially about choosing homes – and the second I arrived it felt like home. Things fell into place naturally and I’m in love with this island.
3. I love that you chose the name Ananda, which means bliss! Can you tell us why you chose this name in particular?
It was one of the first Sanskrit names in my yoga studies that really stood out to me and I resonated with in my heart so when I had to think of a name for the brand it was a no-brainer, I knew this was the name I wanted to choose. I want to create bliss in peoples lives, for people I am in touch with on a daily basis in production and running the company as well as in the lives of the people wearing my jewelry.
4. What do you rely on for ongoing inspiration?
My yoga and meditation practice is a big big inspiration, connecting with my soul and the divine and creating out of that space, then everything comes naturally. My mother is also always there as an inspiration.

How do you balance your business and personal life?
I have a very consistent personal practice in the morning, with meditation and yoga and connecting with nature and myself. That is an absolute pre-requisite to start my day. I do work long hours but I love what I do – so most of the time business doesn’t really feel like work. My friends and family are absolute priority for me so I always make time to connect with them, a very important part for me personally to feel balanced. And the little advantage of living in Bali, if the business gets too busy I sometimes take a massage break which does wonders 🙂
6. Your foundation’s focus is on helping the The Safe Childhoods Foundation in Bali, supporting under-privileged women and children, providing education and skills to empower them to live more fulfilling lives – have you seen an impact of the work you have been doing?
Working with the moms in the Senang project of the Safe Childhoods Foundations is an amazingly heart-opening experience. We are working towards full-time employment for these mothers, which will allow them to completely stop having to go on the streets to beg. We still have a little way to go but are definitely are going in that direction.
The Sanctuary project of the Safe Childhoods Foundation – a safe house for sex-trafficked children is the project we are supporting financially – is in the building process and expected to open within the next year. The project still needs more financial support, since the running costs will also be substantial, but again we are continuing our work with our goals in mind, taking one step at a time.
7. What is your personal favorite piece in your collection and why?
At the moment my favorite piece is the Om Tat Sat ring with Aquamarine. I personally very much resonate with this mantra, broadly translated as ‘Immerse yourself in unlimited potential and saturate yourself in unconditional love’. Aquamarine has very powerful effects, being known to increase intuition, sense of peace, calmness and helps in meditation.

Om Tat Sat ring with Aquamarine

Om Tat Sat ring with Aquamarine

8. If you had an opportunity to hand over a piece to someone famous, who would it be?
If it was possible (and I’m not particularly sure if she’d be into jewelry 🙂 I would love to gift a piece (or be in the presence of for that matter) Mother Teresa. Her compassion, love and all embracing open-heartedness is astounding and inspiring and mind blowing to me and I feel truly inspired by this magnificent woman.
Noura El-Imam is proud to be the UAE Brand Ambassador to Ananda Soul Creations.
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To claim your 15% discount with every purchase made, simply input the code “Noura2013” as you check out. In addition, 10% goes towards the Safe Childhoods Foundation. Thank you Christina!