5 Tips to Refining your Downward Facing Dog in Yoga – by Kreg Weiss




Thigh Spirals to Refine Downward Facing Dog in Yoga by Kreg Weiss // Dubai, UAE

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Dubai Yoga Teacher Training Certifications 2016

If you love yoga and feel inspired to complete a Yoga Teacher Training certification in Dubai or advance in your yoga teaching skills, I invite you to join our next highly praised Internationally Registered GroovyKids Yoga – Applied Therapeutics Yoga – 200hr Vinyasa Yoga – 100hr Advanced Vinyasa Yoga – Pregnancy Yoga Trainings in Dubai

Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for several years, there is always somewhere new to advance in a pose. You might also be recovering from an injury or living with a health condition that can be of challenge and limit you in some of the poses.

However, it’s important to know that modifications can always be made, no matter what is going on in your body and in your life. Hence, we have co created multi diverse range of 2016 Yoga Trainings in Dubai to give you a great range of programs to choose from and share your gifts with others and yourself.

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Dubai Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman in April 2016

Dubai Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training in 2016

Zephyr Wildman | The Middle Path Applied Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training in Dubai 2016


Learn to make the healing powers of yoga accessible to everyBODY. . .

No one wants to live in pain and most people experience some aspect of chronic physical pain every single day. Pain makes us feel helpless, disempowered and frustrated. Mental anguish can be equally painful. Harmful thought patterns cause mental clutter and leave us feeling drained, anxious and overwhelmed. Through precise biomechanical alignment, powerful breath work and accessible meditation practices you will be guided to reclaim your freedom.

The objective of this 5 day/30 hour Applied Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training in Dubai by E-RYT 500 Zephyr Wildman is specifically geared towards trainees who are already yoga teachers/instructors and/or advanced students looking to further their understanding of muscles structure, common ailments/injuries and wish to expand, support and treat clients and students suffering from those conditions through effective yoga therapy and application, specifically through manual adjustments and massage techniques.

Topics covered will revolve around therapeutics for the upper and lower body, stress reduction and functional strength training. By observing roots of pain and disturbance of muscular balance, Zephyr will teach you how to relieve suffering caused by ankle and knee pain, frozen shoulder, neck strain, rotator cuff injury, chronic headaches, TMJ and more. You’ll learn how to deepen your understanding of the body’s Optimal Blueprint (the master design for optimal healing) in order to pinpoint and address specific root imbalances and facilitate a rapid recovery – be it for yourself, your students or your clients.

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