Just like servicing a car, your body and mind require weekly maintenance to stay mobile. Stretching and strengthening your shoulders after spending hours behind your laptop not only feels GREAT, but it lowers the risk of sudden spasms, strains, muscle knots and fatigue. Sounds familiar? Here is what one of our dedicated members, a runner and long time Dubai resident had to say…

I’m originally from London and I’ve been managing arabianEye – a photo agency based in Media City – for the last 4 years. I’ve been attending Yogalates for several years now and have been meaning to write this testimonial for quite some time! Having experienced long term issues with my lower back, I was recommended to try Yogalates as a means to strengthen my core. Over a year later, my back is far better than ever and my posture has significantly improved. As well as the physical benefits, I have found that Yogalates really helps me to unwind after a stressful day at work.

I can sometimes turn up in an awful mood (!) but will leave feeling great! I love being outdoors at the moment, so the setting for me is ideal compared to all the other yoga and pilates classes in Dubai” – Greg Aslangul


At Yogalates we honor your body, build core strength and sooth your soul. And we welcome ALL levels. Movement specialist and anatomy expert Kim Danoher will take you through a 1hr flow with the sole aim of melting away muscle tension in your upper back while building overall strength to bring realign your precious spine.


Monday and Wednesday
7:15 PM – 8:15 PM

What to bring:
Yoga mat, water and your awesome self. Spare mats provided if needed

80 Dhs for pay as you go – or – 600 Dhs for a package of 10 sessions (valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

Fraser Suites Tower (7th floor) by GEMS Wellington School on Sheikh Zayed Road

7:15pm – 8:15pm every Monday and Wednesday
Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes to adjust your mat and settle in, peacefully!

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Breath is the primary focus of every yoga practice – delivering benefits to the physical body, mental body, emotional body, and energetic body.

At our upcoming 100hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, we will learn how to tap into the mechanics of our breathing during our yoga practice. On the physical level, we will consider how breath can encourage mobilization and freedom of the thoracic spine (ribcage region). We will visualize and feel how much connection to breathing through the rib cage you can actually do. We often place great attention to diaphragmatic (belly) breathing which has its importance however, we can also greatly benefit from learning and relearning proper, costal (ribcage) breathing technique and isolation [leaving enough breath, so the inhales can readily rise into the front, sides, and (very important) the back of the ribcage]. An important aspect to costal breathing is to be able to fully relax the neck as breath fills the ribs – if not, this is indicative of possible issues with breathing mechanics.

Costal Breathing.jpg

When we attain a solid grasp of costal breathing techniques, not only do we support thoracic spinal mobilization, but we also acquire a greater capacity for yogic breathing during more strenuous and engaging postures that require contraction of the core. It is not possible (and often not advised) to do diaphragmatic breathing in postures like Chaturanga, Warrior 2, and Tree pose. The desired bandha (lock) around the abdomen impedes the diaphragm in these types of poses. But we still need to breathe and ideally with a full, controlled rhythm as if we were merely sitting in Sukhasana (easy pose). Through regular training of our costal breathing, the integrity of our overall breathing mechanics can flourish and expand the benefits of our practice including retaining healthy thoracic mobility and in turn, a more fluid practice.

This technique and so much more will be covered at our upcoming Dubai 100hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training on February 24 – March 7, 2017 by Senior Hatha Yoga Teacher, Anatomy Expert and Kinesiologist from Montreal, Kreg Weiss



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Best Yoga Classes in Dubai – Yogalates Bliss Cherry Picked by Living in Dubai


Yogalates Bliss in Dubai - Core Strength Yoga at Fraser Suites

6 Best Yoga Classes in Dubai – Published by Living in Dubai

We thank them for choosing our Yogalates sessions as one of Dubai’s best yoga classes in terms of best value, best workout and the most relaxing experience including other benefits such as venue and qualified instructors.

Here is what they had to say: 

It is not surprising that the popularity of yoga in Dubai has skyrocketed recent years. Yoga has been proven to be an effective stress buster; not only does it tone the body, but regular practice, over time can yield immense overall health benefits. Practicing yoga regularly helps to calm the mind, improve focus and improve flexibility, thereby improving performance at work, in sports and enabling individuals to remain calm in tense situations. Furthermore, yoga classes are available for all levels of ability and poses (asanas) can be adapted to suit individual abilities. While hatha yoga is the practice of correct breathing and stretching, power yoga is more physically challenging and some practitioners use heat for the exercises that are designed to work every joint, muscle, tendon and ligament to enhance weight loss and minimize the chance of muscle injury.

Luckily, Dubai has a plethora of yoga classes spread all across the city with private instructors, gyms and yoga studios all competing for a share of the city’s yoga market. With the ever-growing options, how does a hardcore devotee or a beginner find the appropriate class around town? Yogalates Bliss has been chosen as one of the six most popular of Dubai’s best yoga classes in terms of best value, best workout and the most relaxing experience including other benefits such as venue and qualified instructors.


Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, founded by Noura El-Imam

Combining the best of yoga and Pilates, Yogalates Bliss classes are small and focused, and each pose can be adapted to be as challenging or as relaxed as intended. Classes are held at the Fraser Suites Dubai in Sufouh in an outdoor space that is both charming and relaxing, overlooking the Arabian Sea. In addition to regular classes, Yogalates Bliss also conduct a series of dynamic Yoga Teacher Training workshops led by a series of renowned international teachers. These are ideal for practitioners looking to take their practice to another level or teachers looking to train under some of the most experienced teachers from across the globe.

Visit www.yogalatesblissindubai.com for full details on how to join a Yogalates session, Yoga Teacher Training / Instructor Certification and more wellness movements in the UAE.

Why we Love a Core Strength Yoga and Pilates Fusion Session in Dubai!



Yogalates Bliss in Dubai - Core Strength Yoga at Fraser Suites

Have you recently been feeling and complaining about nagging aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, arms, backs or legs? It is time to shift focus to the core muscles (the torso which extends from the base of the neck to the bottom of the spine and includes the abdomen and all the back and hip muscles). Underdeveloped and unbalanced muscle groups in one area of the body could very well mean having a weak core muscle. The core stabilizes and encases the vertebrae surrounding the spinal cord.

The nerves in both your arms and legs function best when you have a strong and stable core. Both the neck and the lower back are dependent on the core muscles to stabilize the spine so that all vertebral segments align with one another in a way that does NOT compress the nerves that pass through them.  When nerves are compressed, they can’t deliver full electrical impulses to muscles. And when that happens,  the muscles can’t work the way they should …weakness and pain are the result.

Yogalates (fusion of core work derived from Pilates and Yoga) enables your skeleton, muscles and joints to work together optimally, because only the core exercises offer the unique combination of strengthening, stretching , balancing and realigning that allows your body to withstand daily wear and tear while complementing your other activities and daily life movements. Plus, you’ll feel FABULOUS walking stronger, taller and more powerful from your deepest core!

Reading Source: The Core Program by Peggy Brill.

For more information and to book your first Yogalates session in Dubai, visit www.yogalatesblissindubai.com

Core Strength in Yoga – Without The Crunches!

Pilates and Yoga in Dubai

Strong Core Muscles | Healthy Back – Yogalates Bliss in Dubai

“Everybody wants a flat stomach, but the worst way to get one is to deliberately contract your abdominal muscles” ~ Pete Egoscue.

We already flex the trunk forward all day long when we sit, drive, lean forward or stand with our tailbone tucked under. Repetitive spinal flexion over time can mess up our natural lumbar curve, creating compression on the discs in places where they are not supposed to be compressed. Read more by clicking here

A healthy yoga/pilates practice can improve your core strength WITHOUT the need for endless crunches. At Yogalates we employ a variety of excellent core work and awareness through forward folds, side/backbends, twists, balance exercises and relaxing tight psoas to release stiffness in the lower back area.

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The Importance of Core Strength in a Yoga Practice!


Yogalates Core Strength

If you practice Yogalates at Fraser Suites, you might have heard our instructors stress on “engaging the core” in poses when flowing from chair pose to plank. And have you noticed how as soon as you engage your abdominals, it helps you balance and transition into poses more effectively? That’s your core muscles speaking!

Why is core strength important in yoga?
A strong core stabilizes your whole body, both on your yoga mat and daily life and errands. When you neglect to work your core, you increase risk of injury, mainly in the lower back. For example, in Chair Pose, it’s easy to sit into this pose and direct all your weight onto your glutes. Great work for your lower body however, when you pull your belly in towards your spine, this takes a little bit of weight out of your legs, prevents any chances of a lower back strain while stabilizing your deep core muscles. So now the work is balanced evenly across your abs, back and lower body for a total workout.  A strong core also enhances grace and stability during simple transitions from Warrior 2, to extended side angle, and back to reverse warrior. In addition, core strength is required for arm balances and inversions like crow pose, headstand or forearm stand.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga in Dubai with Clara Roberts

The importance of core strength OUTSIDE of yoga into your daily life…

Our sweet corporate lifestyle might not be too sweet to our back as chances are, you spend a large time sitting in front of a computer screen or being on foot all day. Sitting and standing for long hours puts a lot of strain on your lower back, since your lower back supports the large majority of your weight. When you have a strong core, it helps protect your body from the wear and tear of sitting and standing all day. It allows you to also move with more grace and fluidity when you’re walking up the stairs or twisting to grab a box.

Next time you’re at Yogalates or any Yoga session, try to activate about your core muscles during each pose, and within each transition. Feel how it transforms your experience. Then, continue to think about your core strength when you leave the class to walk to your car and throughout your daily life because chances are, you will stand taller, move more fluidly and keep your precious spine supple and strong!

Join us at Yogalates in Dubai every Monday and Wednesday at 7:15pm
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Fire Fly Yoga Pose Nico Luce

And if you are currently practicing yoga or an active Yoga teacher looking to take your offerings from good to great, I highly recommend joining Clara and Nico’s 100hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai on September 16-28, 2016 

4-Day Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Training With Clara Roberts-Oss


Dubai Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Training with Clara Roberts
May 8 – 11, 2015

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga in Dubai with Clara Roberts

Join the dynamic NewYorker, Clara Roberts-Oss {ERYT-500} on a 4 day core focused yoga intensive to deepen and strengthen your internal flame! Our fire center is found in our solar plexus. When we connect to it, we move from a place of power in our bodies and lives. When we strengthen our core, we are more integrated in our movements and breathe. In this workshop we will explore different ways to access that power. We will start each morning with a two hour Vinyasa practice connecting us to our centers. The lecture part of the course, Clara will go over the sequencing of the morning as well as giving you tools to integrate these sequences into your own practice and teaching.
“I invite you to be playful in your practice, remembering that lightness is found in spirit!” – Clara Roberts-Oss

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