Expand your career options while guiding moms through their exciting new journey and preparing them physically and mentally, for a healthy and powerful transition of childbirth.

This 85 Hour Yoga Alliance (US & UK) certified course covers Pregnancy, Post-natal and Mother and Baby Yoga and is grounded in sound anatomy and physiology, appropriate anatomy, asana, pranayama, mudra and relaxation. Yoga and methods developed from Pilates and gentle exercise rehabilitation, to assist post-natal recovery is also discussed, taught and practiced before moving on to our Mother and Baby Yoga module. The course finishes with a talk on how to set up your business including tips on using social media and how to organise classes and keep client referrals at an optimum level. ~ Sally Parkes Yoga

T​his 7 day pregnancy yoga teacher training is open to Yoga​ and Pilates students and teachers with a minimum of 1 year consistent practice. Together we hold a clear open, welcoming space in November for a superb training experience!


Register while spaces are still available and take advantage of the ongoing early bird rate before the deadline of September 10, 2017





Fall in love with your practice and inspire others to do the same ~ Erica Blitz

For those who want to teach, this Inquire + Inspire  200 hour Yoga teacher training designed by Erica Blitz and accredited by Yoga Alliance International, will mark the beginning of a successful career path as a Vinyasa yoga teacher. For those who wish to advance in their own practice and deepen their understanding of Yoga, this training will equip you with  the opportunity for a deeper exploration  in yoga while blending both Eastern and Western philosophies.

This 23 day foundational training offers you a strong foundation of yoga focusing on the discipline of Vinyasa flow: integrating the movement of the body to the rhythm of the breath to connect to the beauty, strength and grace of your body with a deep understanding of the science of alignment and the life-affirming essence of Anusara. Specialty areas will be covered such as how to teach a Hatha yoga class, restorative yoga session, yoga for beginners, prenatal yoga, pranayama, ayurveda all while equipping you with creative teaching techniques from class theming, mindful sequencing, biomechanical alignment and more.

The philosophy component of the program mainly focuses on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through a combination of in-class discussions and homework, exploring the fascinating history of yoga and how to be able to apply concepts pertaining to the origins of yoga as well as its philosophical underpinnings into a class.

Practicing yoga is not for people who want to hide from themselves, or from the world, and teaching yoga asks you to take it a step further. Teaching yoga also means you’re ready to embrace your vulnerabilities, your flaws, your gifts and your strengths, and to share them without fear. If you feel ready to do that on your mat and off, then we hope you’ll join us for a very special experience.


“Just a few short months after taking my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai with Erica Blitz through Yogalates Bliss, I am teaching yoga several times a week here in Doha, and after almost a decade and a half of dreaming of being here – it feels beyond amazing to finally be able to do what I love and help others discover their connection with their bodies, breath, and deepest selves on the mat.

Erica is an incredible teacher whose compassion, grace, humility and clear heartfelt connection to the study, teaching (and living) of the true essence of Yoga was clear to see and feel in every moment of our training. I was deeply humbled, blessed and grateful to have been able to study under someone whose dedication to their calling was so clear and compelling, who was able to create such a safe space where lifelong friendships were created, and whose expert instruction, attention to anatomy, precise cueing and the nuances of yogic philosophy (while also encouraging playfulness and ease on the mat), created such a well-rounded, fulfilling and nourishing experience. The focus on Vinyasa was a solid base that created a very full, expansive and creative viewpoint to study and teach from.

There’s something special about Inquire + Inspire.. and you have to experience it for yourself to truly understand. So, I suggest – Inquire, and get Inspired.. and see where this beautiful adventure takes you! I would do it again in a heartbeat!  Thank you Erica for helping me fly my wings and create a life of freedom and yoga. Forever humbled, forever grateful!” – Heba Atallah, Health + Wellness Coach, 2015 


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One of the great benefits of a well-designed yoga practice is that it helps restore functional tension balance and healthy postural patterns. Our chronic sitting patterns along with excessive use of digital devices has led to a global epidemic of tension imbalances in our population.

International Yoga presenter and exercise science specialist Kreg Weiss, returns for the fourth time to Dubai to present an uplifting 100 hour integrative program teaching you the fundamentals of how to confidently create a CLASSICAL HATHA YOGA PRACTICE that weaves in the intelligence and integrity of western science with the harmonious elements of traditional Hatha Yoga. Integrative means to ‘combine into a whole and unified system’

Functional yoga will be the key element of throughout the training inspiring you to practice and design yoga classes that address and accommodate the unique ways in which we are structured and capability of receiving yoga postures and exercises safely and effectively.

Trainees on this 12 day Hatha Yoga instructor’s course will explore functional yoga anatomy, journey through in-depth applications of yoga postures, and learn how to tie in all these principles to design multiple yoga classes for a variety of clientele and demographics.This training is an excellent foundation for practicing yogis who may be keen to enroll into a 200hr as the next transition and active teachers keen to solidify their knowledge in sound biomechanics while expanding their clientele base.




  • daily guided hatha yoga practices (sadhana)
  • foundational review of anatomy of muscles, bones, and connective tissue
  • an engaging exploration of functional yoga anatomy and applications especially in regards to common variabilities in our muscle/skeletal systems
  • on-going kinesiology (exercise science) group exercises and homework to develop and hone your teaching skills
  • examination of a vast number of classic Hatha Yoga poses breaking down the fundamental alignment principles from a Hatha perspective including corrections, modifications, and assists as well as the integration of western exercise science techniques to enhance asana development
  • examination of the style of ‘hatha yoga’ in relation to other styles of practice and the methodology of Classical Hatha Yoga sequencing
  • 6 complete, days of learning how to design and sequence flows effectively and functionally for various clientele and demographics including beginners, mixed-levels, intermediate, athletes, and corporates.


  • *complete skills to teach Classical Hatha Yoga to a variety of audiences

    *greater base of knowledge and understanding of yoga anatomy and exercise science fundamentals to empower your teaching and personal practice

    *greater ability to adapt class designs so they are integrity-driven and purposeful based on students’ inherent needs and interests

    *catalogue of yoga sequences and flows to work from and incorporate into your teaching practice

    *increased experience and confidence with designing and teaching sequences as well as hands-on manipulation of student alignment

    *daily access to fully interact, ask questions, and engage in beneficial discussion with Kreg

    *100 Hours of CECs for annual Yoga Alliance membership requirements

    *complimentary 1 year mentorship for guidance with yoga anatomy, class design, and career development





    “First of all I would like to thank you for these amazing breathtaking wow-days and all the knowledge you gave us. I found out about my body anatomy, how the bones, muscles and joints move under my skin and how they influence one another. Now I know how to bend forward safely for my spine and being “Bendy Wendy” is not always good. And not everyone can be as flexible as another. If one side of my body can do more than the other I should stop where the other side stops, without pushing my body. I can now explain how to safely move into Downward Dog, plank, dancing cat and how to specific muscles in these poses. I now know so much more! I love the mudras and pranayama and will integrate them in my daily practice.  Your approach to teaching is so unique and beautiful!” – Daria Issina


6,000 AED EARLY BIRD expires on January 15, 2017
6,800 AED NORMAL RATE thereafter  

A non-refundable deposit of 3,500 can be arranged to secure your place and early bird rate.
Remainder to be settled 2 weeks prior to the training.

Rate includes your comprehensive 100hr Training Manual, Certificate of completion (RYT can add 100hrs as CEC), all assignments and handouts, 1-1 support and 1 year mentorship by Kreg Weiss

February 24 – March 7, 2017
*Friday 3rd – day off


Please complete the submission form below to register your interest towards the training:

2016 Yoga Teacher Training Certifications in Dubai



If you’ve gotten hooked on yoga and have been practicing regularly, you may feel ignited to complete a yoga teacher training certification in Dubai or specialize in new yoga topics, widening your clientele base & sharpening your skills as a current yoga teacher.

Even if you do not plan on teaching, a great yoga instructor’s course and certification will deepen your practice and knowledge into a more confident and advanced practitioner while opening you to a refreshing new outlook in life. Our 2016 International Yoga Alliance Registered Trainings in Dubai are live on site and open for registration. Join us at our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training programs in Dubai:

Visit: | Email: 

5 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Can Build Your Confidence


Yoga teacher training is a metaphor for life. As in your practice and in your life; the aim our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai on July 2016 is to build your power.There is only one way to access personal power and that’s through confidence; you have to believe it, you have to embody it. Building confidence is a shortcut to your purpose, which becomes a fast track to your highest possibility. That’s where power lives. Starting a 200hr yoga teacher training in Dubai with Erica Blitz will build confidence like nothing else.

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Source: 5 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Can Build Your Confidence



Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman in Dubai

No one wants to live in pain and most people experience some aspect of chronic physical pain every single day. Pain makes us feel helpless, disempowered and frustrated. Mental anguish can be equally painful. Harmful thought patterns cause mental clutter and leave us feeling drained, anxious and overwhelmed. Zephyr sees infinite potential for freedom, happiness and empowerment in all humans. Through precise biomechanical alignment, powerful breath work and accessible meditation practices you will be guided to reclaim what is rightfully yours—you are freedom.

This top caliber 5 Day / 30 Hour Applied Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman in Dubai on April 29-May 3, 2016 will cover topics around therapeutics for the upper and lower body, stress reduction and functional strength training. By observing roots of pain and disturbance of muscular balance, Zephyr will teach you how to relieve suffering caused by ankle and knee pain, frozen shoulder, neck strain, rotator cuff injury, chronic headaches, TMJ and more. You’ll learn how to deepen your understanding of the body’s Optimal Blueprint (the master design for optimal healing) in order to pinpoint and address specific root imbalances and facilitate a rapid recovery – be it for yourself, your students or your clients

Through precise and effective verbal and physical adjustments, you will learn how to facilitate a rapid recovery and imprint healthy biomechanical patterns that will prevent future injuries for your clients, students and yourself.


•   Improve your expertise of optimal mind-body system functions and body awareness during a state of dynamic balance.

•   Educate you on skeletal, muscular and fascial structures of the body

•   How to tailor yoga therapy to the health needs of the individual in a way which is effective at reducing symptoms, restoring balance, increasing vitality and improving attitude.

•   Help you recognise unhealthy physical, psychological and spiritual patterns in their clients and in themselves.

•   Create assessment techniques that are bespoke to their clients and to themselves.

•   Create and use different techniques such as massage, stretching, breathing exercises, strengthening and different methods of yoga to emphasise prevention of pain and aid the recovery back to balance.

•   Inspire you to approach yoga philosophy with a value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others through yoga.


Be the go-to Yoga teacher with powerful therapeutic tools to help people live their full potential of a healthy life by enrolling into our Dubai Yoga Therapeutics Training Certification on April 29- May 3, 2016 today! Visit: | Email:

Dubai Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman, April 29 – May 3, 2016



Dubai Yoga Trainings Certifications

Are you a yoga teacher or advanced student aiming to develop your yoga therapeutics background and work with clients who’re living with chronic illness/injuries, as well as older age groups and corporates dealing with stress? Knowing how to work with these specific groups will deepen your confidence as a teacher, expand the range of private clients you can work with and increase the types of classes you can offer.
The objective of Zephyr Wildman’s 5 day/30 Applied Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training in Dubai  on April 29- May 3, 2016 is specifically geared towards trainees that are already yoga teachers/instructors and/or advanced students looking to further their understanding of muscles structure, common ailments/injuries and wish to support and treat clients and students suffering from those conditions through effective yoga therapy and application by addressing specific needs of individuals and groups, emphasise communication skills, observation, assisting and correcting yoga postures and specifically instruct trainees on manual adjustments and massage techniques.


•   Improve your expertise of optimal mind-body system functions and body awareness during a state of dynamic balance.
•   Educate you on skeletal, muscular and fascial structures of the body
•   How to tailor yoga therapy to the health needs of the individual in a way which is effective at reducing symptoms, restoring balance, increasing vitality and improving attitude.
•   Help you recognise unhealthy physical, psychological and spiritual patterns in their clients and in themselves.
•   Create assessment techniques that are bespoke to their clients and to themselves.
•   Create and use different techniques such as massage, stretching, breathing exercises, strengthening and different methods of yoga to emphasise prevention of pain and aid the recovery back to balance.
•   Inspire you to approach yoga philosophy with a value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others through yoga.


5 DAY SCHEDULE / 9:00AM-5:00PM
LUNCH BREAK 12:30-2:00PM

Day 1: Foundations of Yoga as Therapy. Introduction to the 5 Koshas 
Students will be introduced to the concept of the “Middle Path” through a lecture on the philosophical and practical approach to working therapeutically with people’s injuries, ailments, mental health, chronic pain and addiction. Using the modality of the Koshas, we will dissect each sheath individually with applied philosophy to treat an individual or class effectively. The emphasis for Day 1 will be creating a foundation to be referenced throughout the week, observing, identifying, assessing and understanding:
  • common structural problems
  • patterns of movement
  • Ayurvedic imbalances
  • Pranic problems in the body, mind and biochemistry
  • Prana Vayus
  • Swara
  • Chakras
  • Nadis
  • Patanjali’s map of the mind
  • Kleshas
  • Rasas
  • Gunas
  • and more
After our morning of building a good foundation for the concept of the “Middle Path” and introducing individual assessment skills we will apply customised sequences inspired by the Koshas. Asana, pranayama, meditation and massage will be our tools to treat common imbalances and pain that will be generalised for this first session. The sequencing will be discussed in great depth to ensure understanding and connectivity of correct assessment and application of treatment.
Day 2: Postural integrity and the spine 
Why do physical manifestations of mental issues arise? How can our mental state dictate our physical and energetic health?
With a thorough comprehension of the Koshas and a holistic approach to balance, students will now begin to look at specific alignment issues and causes of pain with a focus on the spine and postural integrity. Evaluation of posture will be our focus for the morning, however it takes more than just “good” posture to maintain “good” health and balance. We will explore methods of assessing problems with movement issues, the three diaphragms and we will also discuss the myofascial planes. We will assess techniques for dealing with Flexion and Extension Syndrome, while putting a special focus on understanding the focal points of weakness and stability and how they are affected by our lifestyle and genetic predisposition.
After a morning of theory and observation we will put into practice some application techniques utilising yoga asana, pranayama, kriyas and basic massage techniques that have been effective in reducing chronic pain and common conditions of the spine and posture.
Day 3: Feet, knees and hips
Balance of lifestyle and genetic predispositions. How do lifestyle choices effect the foundations of postural integrity?
This morning’s lecture will focus on anatomy and function of the feet, knees and hips. Working from the ground up, we will learn to see the body in action and how the interconnected lines of intelligence inform our patterns of movement and pain. Literally the foundations of our bodies health and balance, we will evaluate the alignment of the feet and legs and discuss how to assess alignment highlighting common problems, misalignments and causes of pain.
The metaphor for the Middle Path as our centre of balance is well illustrated in the application of techniques for this afternoon’s session. By looking at the feet, knees and hips as the foundation for the spine and the connections the spine has to the rest of the body we understand that this foundation is critical to supporting that well being and balance for the entire body. We will use yoga asana and massage techniques as well as customised sequencing to affect long term healing.
Day 4: Pelvic girdle
Everything is related and interconnected. The importance of creating a strong foundation (feet, knees, hips) to address the rest of the body.
This morning’s lecture will explore in depth the structural alignment issues, anatomy, muscles and function of the Pelvic Girdle. We will discuss and develop techniques for assessing problem areas and imbalance within the uniqueness of every pelvis. A keen attention to detail will aid the student to look at the alignment and observe and identify misalignment. We will discuss common problems and causes of pain, and most importantly how the pelvic girdle influences structural alignment for the rest of the body.
Hands on practice of applying the morning’s lecture and developing techniques that build alignment, flexibility and stability of the pelvis. Applying yoga asana and teaching basic massage techniques to alleviate misalignments and pain due to everyday lifestyle problems.
Day 5: Shoulder girdle
Psycho-emotional and subtle body (two of the koshas) imbalances and their connection to the pelvis. The importance of identifying problems with the pelvis and understanding their connectivity to other vulnerable areas of the body.
This morning’s lecture will be centred on the anatomy and function of the shoulder girdle. We will observe how improving range of motion can ease chronic pain in areas around the shoulder, neck and head, especially when the individual has experienced injury in these areas. We will pay close attention to evaluating posture and what it tells us about the state of the shoulder girdle. Observing the alignment and correctly ascertaining the causes of imbalance are crucial to this area as its range of motion and susceptibility to injury make it one of the more complex areas of focus.
Applying yoga asana and basic massage techniques that help to extend the range of motion with a specific injury related approach (e.g.,frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury) will be unique to this afternoon’s application.

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Dubai Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2014


2014 Yoga Trainings Stitch

Dubai Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2014 hosted by Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, aims to provide you with a stellar yoga teacher training led by international expert yoga teachers from Canada, the US, Bali, Argentina and further. My aim is to provide you with an exceptional training cutting back on traveling hassle and extra expenses incurred. This also give you a chance to be with the family and take less time off from work while still pursing your passion in yoga. This year is going to be an incredible one and I simply cannot wait to share it all with you! I look forward to seeing you at either/or the yoga trainings and yoga workshops below whether you are a teacher looking to advance in your own teaching skills, to become a certified yoga teacher or to simply immerse in your own practice and deepen your own knowledge. There is room and scope for everyone. So here goes:


GroovyKids Yoga Weekend Teacher Training with Greville Henwood

January 31st – February 1st, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 2,200Dhs

Love working with children and watching them transform into more confident, happier and healthier little beings? Nothing is more rewarding than introducing children to the world of yoga!

The highly acclaimed GroovyKids Yoga Training makes an exciting appearance from Los Angeles to Dubai’s shores and whether you are parent, yoga teacher, school teacher or a therapist interested in working with and teaching children the creative, healthy and therapeutic lessons of Yoga, you can now enroll into an exciting two day intensive training taught by the founder himself, Greville Henwood.


Power Vinyasa Intensive Weekend Workshop with Nico Luce

March 28 – 29th, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 1,800 Dhs

This 2-day Power Vinyasa Intensive training was designed for current yoga instructors and recent graduates of a 200-hour TT to deepen your understanding of Vinyasa Yoga, hone your teaching techniques and take your offerings to a higher level.

Building upon everything you’ve learned so far, you’re ready to refine your craft to provide your students with inspiring experiences through clear instruction, sound biomechanics, precise alignment, balanced sequences, well-rounded classes and solid teaching. Sharpen the tools that you already have and add some more to your belt to become a powerful catalyst for your students’ transformation.
Nico Luce Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Wkshp


100Hour Integrated Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jade Wood and Emily Baxter

April 25th – May 6th, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 7,500Dhs early-bird rate until 15th March.  9,000Dhs thereafter.

Yin Yoga is rooted in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of Meridian lines and blended with traditional Hatha Yoga Asana, this synergy allows the practitioner to draw upon the healing properties of both a physical and an energetic practice. Perfectly suited to those wishing to indulge in a gentle and meditative experience that embraces the holistic potential of Yoga asana. Having left Dubai in 2012 to pursue global teaching opportunities Jade & Emily have hosted trainings in Spain & Japan as well as Yin workshops throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Their unique combination of anatomy meets energy makes their trainings an invaluable resource for practitioners of any yogic, movement or bodywork discipline wishing to deepen their practice or enrich their teachings. Jade and Emily eagerly anticipate this opportunity to share and reconnect with the Dubai sangha once again!



200Hour Pranavayu Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with David Magone

August 8th – 31st, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 12,500Dhs early-bird rate

The highly acclaimed PranaVayu Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program ( ) led by Boston’s leading expert Yoga Teacher, David Magone, is designed help you acquire the confidence, skills and expertise necessary to become a fully certified and registered Yoga Teacher.

Over the course of this program you will learn specialized training methods that can help you radically improve strength and flexibility in as little as one single practice, a series of millenia-old meditations that will show you how to consciously cultivate a positive, open heart and peaceful mind, vinyasa yoga sequencing technologies that can be used to construct thousands of unique and highly efficient yoga classes for beginning and intermediate students, the basics of Periodization – A favorite technique of Olympic Gold Medalists that will help you realize your peak potential by learning to work smarter rather than harder, a highly effective alignment system that can be used to safely position any posture that you will ever encounter in a yoga class and much more. This is just the beginning of an exciting 3 week long journey into your 200hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai where you’ll be immersing and practicing, teaching, studying and sweating hours of Yoga to becoming full certified and ready to teach in your own authentic voice.

David Magone in Dubai


Yoga Therapeutics 4-Day Training Intensive with Ashleigh Sergeant

October 2nd – 5th, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 3,200Dhs

This Yoga Therapeutics Training with Adidas global yoga trainer – Ashleigh Sergeant – will teach you to efficiently relieve suffering caused by lower back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, hamstring/groin tears, ankle and knee pain, shoulder and neck strain, rotator cuff injury, chronic headaches, TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome, cartilage/ligament damage, neuroglandular imbalances, infertility and more. Applying universal alignment principles in a therapeutic way empowers you to help your students heal from chronic pain.

Deepen your understanding of the body’s Optimal Blueprint (the master design for optimal healing) in order to pinpoint and address specific root imbalances. Through precise and effective verbal and physical adjustments we can facilitate a rapid recovery and imprint healthy biomechanical patterns that will prevent future injuries.

Ashleigh Sergeant will empower you to live free from pain. Plain and simple.

Yoga Therapeutics Training in Dubai - Yoga for Athletes in Dubai


80hours Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training by Sally Parkes (BSc)

Dates: 7th- 15th November 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative,  Dubai, U.A.E
Price:  Early Bird Rate: 4,800 Dhs until August 1st 2014. à Final Rate:  5,500 Dhs

This 80hours (9-days) indepth pregnancy yoga teacher training in Dubai (prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga) is open for yoga certified teachers and is grounded in sound physiology and anatomy as well as the more subtle aspects of yoga, the aim of which is to offer guidance towards a woman’s very special journey of pregnancy into motherhood.  Our goal is to offer support and guidance to our student teachers so they are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver safe, effective and uplifting classes and one to ones. This is achieved via a combination of appropriate asana, pranayama, mudra and visualisations. We also honor the Shakti (female) energetics that resides in all women and allows such an amazing event: (conception, pregnancy and birth) to occur. In addition, we will discuss and study the fourth trimester, otherwise known as the post-natal period, in great depth and how yoga and methods developed from Sallys’ knowledge of Pilates and gentle exercise rehabilitation, can assist a mothers’ post-natal recovery.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai

For registration and all inquiries, visit my website:

Dubai Yoga Teacher Trainings for 2013, hosted by Yogalates Bliss


Upcoming 2013 Yoga Teacher Trainings in Dubai:

* 40hr PranaVayu Vinyasa Yoga Training with David Magone from Boston, (April 4-8)
* 30hr Integrative Hatha Yoga Training with Kreg Weiss from Montreal, (May 23-26)
* 200hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Erica Bliz from California, (August 11-September 3rd)
Visit : to find out how you can join us on our exciting upcoming yoga teacher trainings in Dubai!

Dubai 2013 Yoga Teacher Trainings

Dubai 2013 Yoga Teacher Trainings