Roasted Bell Peppers with Quinoa & Feta paired with Sweet Potato Salad mixed with Coriander & Lime Zest!


Whipping up a two-course meal is never a speedy, easy task. But when you finally sit down, 4 hours later, to dig into your culinary creation of Roasted Stuffed Bell Peppers with Quinoa & Feta Cheese, paired with Sweet Potato Salad fused with Coriander & Lime, your exhaustion is completely wiped off your face and replaced with a massive, massive grin! These two pair very well with each other. Red Bell Peppers are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Quinoa is packed with protein. Sweet Potato is high in Vitamin B-6. Your two-course meal is just bursting with flavor, goodness and if delivered by my partners “Greenheart Organic Farms” – then you’ve got yourself an organic, seasonal and super healthy meal to look forward to.


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