Juice Cleanse, Yoga & Detox Retreat in Beautiful Bali at Villa Gaia!



Forward Fold Yoga Retreat Bali

Feeling the need to turn inward and embark on a happy gut diet to reduce inflammation and banish bloat & fatigue for good?

We all know gut health is important, affecting everything from digestion to immunity to mood, heart health, oral health and more.

Ranging from 3-5-7-10 Days, Gaia Retreat Center’s Signature Detox program in Bali, will help you achieve optimal wellness with delicious fresh plant-based food, nutrient-dense juices, cherry picked wellness excursions from floating sensory deprivation, sound healing, nutritional talks, herbal body products workshop and treatments from colonics to abdominal healing massage, yoga, to renew your body, mind, and spirit. We’ve guided thousands of participants around the world through juice fasts and cleanses that makes detoxing gentle, effective, delicious, and fun so that you have more energy and walk away feeling rebirthed.

We offer two options at our retreat:

Light Cleanse: delicious healthy plant based meals with juicing, herbal teas and natural fiber supplements

Deep Cleanse: juice fasting & soup for dinner, herbal teas and natural fiber supplements

The recipes consumed are loaded with nutrients and delicious. You’ll come to realize that eating vegan meals and detox juicing isn’t restrictive and bland. It’s quite the opposite. You will also learn how to recreate the juices consumed to continue your nourishing journey back home.

Gaia Retreat Center Bali Raw Food Vegan

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The Yogalates Bliss Team sample the new 100% raw, organic & delicious unpasteurized “Essentially” Juices!


From Red Roots to Green Juice , P.A.M to Cashew Milk, the Yogalates Bliss team sampled the new Essentially detox plan made out of 100% raw, organic and unpasteurized juices developed by the very passionate and radiant entrepreneur , Wiebke Katsoudas.

The juices contain 3-5 times the vitamin and mineral content of those produced by a standard juicer. Raw pressed fruits and vegetables are packed with easy-to-absorb vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes. Weibke highlighted to us that the juices are pressed via a hydraulic press system which keeps the live enzymes intact for an extended period, which is essential to preserving nutrients and flavor. We were intrigued and having had all four juices delivered in a sweet little brown bag over the weekend, we dove in and tried them out.

Cashew Milk is a delicious ‘yummy treat’ with vanilla essence, coconut butter, sea salt, cashew (ofcourse!), water and sweetened with agave nectar. Nutty, earthy, filling and was told it had a ‘soothing’ effect on the system…also a great drink to have post a workout as a personal choice.

P.A.M (Pineapple, Apple, Mint) is a light refreshing drink to have with a minty kick. You could actually feel tiny pieces of pineapple in there. Super fresh – we like.

Red Roots (Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Orange, Celery & Ginger) – Great for when you are low in energy / work out a lot…packed with iron – powerful drink and the ginger is neither too strong or weak. The blend is fantastic all over.

Green Juice, a healthy playground of clean cucumber, celery, apple, spinach, lemon, parsley and ginger…now who said you can’t have all your daily fix of fruits and vegetables in a drink? Super light and cleansing, this could be a daily fix and a side drink to a light meal. Well balanced.

What I really enjoy is the fact that you can choose from different plans…if you are not in it to lose weight but merely an athlete on the go, you can sign up for the Exerciser package or Skinny Jeans if you want to shed some kilos…there is also a beginner’s plan to start you off, if you want a taster and before committing to the full 3/5 day plan.  Great for those with a hectic schedule!

Overall, the bliss team loved the drinks. We are now keen on going on the full 3/5 day plan to reap the long term benefits.

Highly recommended and there are several more juices on site as well to keep your tastebuds alive and curious to try out the next delicious drink!

Visit: www.essentially.ae for full details on how to get your healthy-fix delivered to your doorstep & we would love to get us your comments in the reply box below!