Dubai GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training returns on November 10-11, 2017!



GroovyKids Meditation in Progress

Combine your passion in yoga and love for kids under the expertise of Global Instructor Greville Henwood and become empowered with the necessary skills to teach kids yoga, movement and meditation in Dubai, on November 10-11, 2017.

As a trainee on this extremely joyful weekend training, you’ll learn the GroovyKids Yoga​™ flow [45-60 minute] complete range of motion yoga class using music, breath awareness and savasana techniques. You’ll also learn unique brain + body coordination exercises, how to build strength, stability, focus, balance & learn games to harness kids energy and enthusiasm. We practice yoga sequences to share yoga philosophically with kids and meditation that can help so much with stress as kids grow up. The training is very practical, interactive and extremely fun!

GroovyKids is proud to mark its 9th return to Dubai and this 15hr yoga alliance course hosted at the beautiful space of Voyoga studio. This kids yoga teacher’s training is open to anyone who has a love for kids and has a background in yoga practice – no specific level or experience required.


Yoga for Children = Skills for Life. Dubai GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training Course, April 7-8, 2017


The next highly anticipated 15hr GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training returns to Dubai on April 7-8, 2017 and we would love to have you be part of it!


Dubai Kids Yoga Certification - GroovyKids and Yogalates Bliss



Happy Baby Pose - GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai

Teaching yoga to children starting from the age of 3 is a superb way in creating a positive growth both physically and energetically for their future. And while any movement is beneficial, what distinguishes yoga from other sports is its non-competitive spirit. Yoga can provide them with beneficial lifelong tools to help them cope with daily stresses, navigate smoothly during exams and deal gracefully with the increasing pressures placed upon them as they transition into adulthood.

GroovyKids Yoga Teachers in Dubai, 2016

As a trainee on this weekend intensive, you’ll learn the GroovyKids™ Yoga Flow [45-60 minute] complete range of motion yoga class perfect for kids of all ages and abilities including music, movement, breath awareness and meditation. You’ll watch a live GroovyKids™ Yoga class and learn the 7 Keys to a successful GroovyKids™ Yoga class. You’ll also learn fun games that get you to reveal your own patterns of thought, study class sequences and learn why, when and how to modify the sequence for almost infinite classes. You’ll see why the GroovyKids™ vision works for all kids of all abilities and cultures, from ages of 3-12 and sometimes even a little younger. . .

This fascinating intensive course is open to school teachers, yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, fitness instructors, therapists and parents alike!


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Investment in knowledge pays the best interest- Benjamin Franklin | Dubai 2017 Yoga Teacher Trainings


yogalates bliss in dubai

If you want to get a good return on yourself, your time, your effort and your money, invest in yourself, specifically, in your knowledge, to help spread it as far and wide as possible.

Knowledge plays a pivotal part in everything we do from building and living your passion, bringing in a healthier income, making better decisions, reawakening your creative spirit, performing better at sports – and so much more.

Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” He knew the value of constantly becoming more knowledgeable.

Jim Rohn, the great self development speaker, said, “Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.” He says schooling is only a small part of your lifetime education.

Albert Einstein, the genius, said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

All of these quotes come from extremely successful and wise individuals. You have to keep improving yourself on a daily basis. You have to constantly keep building your knowledge and sharpening your skills. – Self Made Success

2017 Dubai Yoga Teacher Trainings at Voyoga by Yogalates Bliss

Heading into our 7th year at Yogalates Bliss in Dubai and into 2017, we are thrilled to have tied up, with a line up, of inspiring senior yoga guest teachers ready to embark and help you take your teaching skills to a higher level and expand your knowledge in yoga practice and teachings through their specialized topics held at the beautiful, sunny space of Voyoga studio in TECOM, Dubai.


  • 100hr Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Kreg Weiss, February 24-March 7, 2017 
  • 15hr GroovyKids Yoga Weekend Teacher Training with Greville Henwood, April 7-8, 2017 
  • 5 Day Meditation Teacher Training David Magone, June 2-6, 2017 
  • 200hr Level 1, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Erica Blitz, July 2017 
  • 300hr Level 2, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Banyan Gallagher, October 2017 
  • Bali Bliss Eco Retreat & Adventure with Kim Danoher at Sumberkima Hill in the North West of Bali, June 3-10 , 2017 

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GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training – Skills for Life!



GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, October 7-8, 2016.

From an early-age, children are sometimes pressured into being told they are great at sports and others great in academics. But every kid regardless of their innate skills, can benefit from the non-competitive spirit of Yoga which cultivates their focus, concentration, happiness, confidence and deep relaxing breathing techniques which then enables them to perform better with less anxiousness towards their upcoming academic test or sports. While any movement is great movement, Yoga teaches kids how to “love” others by loving themselves first and in turn, makes for a calmer, more confident and happy household!

If you’d like to spread the incredible healing benefits of Yoga to kids, join Greville Henwood, founder of GroovyKids Yoga Teacher’s Training program on October 7-8 in Dubai. This program is designed to educate, inspire and enlighten teachers, parents and anyone else who wants to introduce Kids to the joys and benefits of Yoga. Its primary focus is MOVEMENT which leads children to LEARN and GROW. Science has shown that movement is the prime component in our brains and developing organs.

This weekend training is ideal for beginning teachers, parents or yogis who would love to be part of kids transformation and how to tailor classes to children of different ages, as well as partner yoga work, breath techniques and the actual content of the class-time.

Open to anyone who has a passion in both Yoga and Kids.

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GroovyKids Yoga Empowers Children to be EXTRAordinary – By Yogalife Middle East

Dubai Groovy Kids Yoga Teacher Training 2016


 Yogalife Dubai Kreg Weiss

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MARCH 28-29, 2015

MentalFrom an early-age, children are sometimes pigeon-holed into being told they are great at sports & others into academic. But ALL kids regardless of their innate skills, can get something out of the non-competitive spirit of Yoga, cultivating their focus, concentration, happiness, confidence and deep relaxing breathing techniques which then enables them to perform better with less anxiousness towards their upcoming math test or sports at school.

PhysicalOne of the reasons why adults turn to yoga is their suffering from back/neck pain which is due to long hours of sitting behind the desk and car. These days, kids are glued to their ipads where postural problems are occurring at a much earlier age and while we cannot stop advanced technology, we can balance it out with the supreme benefits of Yoga which keeps the spine supple and teaches kids to be more aware of the way they carry themselves (correcting bad habitual postures), improving their upper body strength and building their motor skills. Greater range of movement = less aches and pains as they age.

While any movement is great movement, what distinguishes Yoga from other sports is the non-competitive spirit and the excellence it offers in teaching “love” for others by loving themselves first. There is so much pressure on kids these days which can impact their self-esteem and Yoga teaches us that there’s something special in all of us. If you’d like to spread the incredible healing benefits of Yoga to kids, join us at our next GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training on March 28-29 in Dubai! Open to anyone who has a passion in both Yoga and Kids.

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Dubai Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2014


2014 Yoga Trainings Stitch

Dubai Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2014 hosted by Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, aims to provide you with a stellar yoga teacher training led by international expert yoga teachers from Canada, the US, Bali, Argentina and further. My aim is to provide you with an exceptional training cutting back on traveling hassle and extra expenses incurred. This also give you a chance to be with the family and take less time off from work while still pursing your passion in yoga. This year is going to be an incredible one and I simply cannot wait to share it all with you! I look forward to seeing you at either/or the yoga trainings and yoga workshops below whether you are a teacher looking to advance in your own teaching skills, to become a certified yoga teacher or to simply immerse in your own practice and deepen your own knowledge. There is room and scope for everyone. So here goes:


GroovyKids Yoga Weekend Teacher Training with Greville Henwood

January 31st – February 1st, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 2,200Dhs

Love working with children and watching them transform into more confident, happier and healthier little beings? Nothing is more rewarding than introducing children to the world of yoga!

The highly acclaimed GroovyKids Yoga Training makes an exciting appearance from Los Angeles to Dubai’s shores and whether you are parent, yoga teacher, school teacher or a therapist interested in working with and teaching children the creative, healthy and therapeutic lessons of Yoga, you can now enroll into an exciting two day intensive training taught by the founder himself, Greville Henwood.


Power Vinyasa Intensive Weekend Workshop with Nico Luce

March 28 – 29th, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 1,800 Dhs

This 2-day Power Vinyasa Intensive training was designed for current yoga instructors and recent graduates of a 200-hour TT to deepen your understanding of Vinyasa Yoga, hone your teaching techniques and take your offerings to a higher level.

Building upon everything you’ve learned so far, you’re ready to refine your craft to provide your students with inspiring experiences through clear instruction, sound biomechanics, precise alignment, balanced sequences, well-rounded classes and solid teaching. Sharpen the tools that you already have and add some more to your belt to become a powerful catalyst for your students’ transformation.
Nico Luce Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Wkshp


100Hour Integrated Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jade Wood and Emily Baxter

April 25th – May 6th, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 7,500Dhs early-bird rate until 15th March.  9,000Dhs thereafter.

Yin Yoga is rooted in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of Meridian lines and blended with traditional Hatha Yoga Asana, this synergy allows the practitioner to draw upon the healing properties of both a physical and an energetic practice. Perfectly suited to those wishing to indulge in a gentle and meditative experience that embraces the holistic potential of Yoga asana. Having left Dubai in 2012 to pursue global teaching opportunities Jade & Emily have hosted trainings in Spain & Japan as well as Yin workshops throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Their unique combination of anatomy meets energy makes their trainings an invaluable resource for practitioners of any yogic, movement or bodywork discipline wishing to deepen their practice or enrich their teachings. Jade and Emily eagerly anticipate this opportunity to share and reconnect with the Dubai sangha once again!



200Hour Pranavayu Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with David Magone

August 8th – 31st, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 12,500Dhs early-bird rate

The highly acclaimed PranaVayu Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program ( ) led by Boston’s leading expert Yoga Teacher, David Magone, is designed help you acquire the confidence, skills and expertise necessary to become a fully certified and registered Yoga Teacher.

Over the course of this program you will learn specialized training methods that can help you radically improve strength and flexibility in as little as one single practice, a series of millenia-old meditations that will show you how to consciously cultivate a positive, open heart and peaceful mind, vinyasa yoga sequencing technologies that can be used to construct thousands of unique and highly efficient yoga classes for beginning and intermediate students, the basics of Periodization – A favorite technique of Olympic Gold Medalists that will help you realize your peak potential by learning to work smarter rather than harder, a highly effective alignment system that can be used to safely position any posture that you will ever encounter in a yoga class and much more. This is just the beginning of an exciting 3 week long journey into your 200hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai where you’ll be immersing and practicing, teaching, studying and sweating hours of Yoga to becoming full certified and ready to teach in your own authentic voice.

David Magone in Dubai


Yoga Therapeutics 4-Day Training Intensive with Ashleigh Sergeant

October 2nd – 5th, 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative, Dubai, U.A.E
Price: 3,200Dhs

This Yoga Therapeutics Training with Adidas global yoga trainer – Ashleigh Sergeant – will teach you to efficiently relieve suffering caused by lower back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, hamstring/groin tears, ankle and knee pain, shoulder and neck strain, rotator cuff injury, chronic headaches, TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome, cartilage/ligament damage, neuroglandular imbalances, infertility and more. Applying universal alignment principles in a therapeutic way empowers you to help your students heal from chronic pain.

Deepen your understanding of the body’s Optimal Blueprint (the master design for optimal healing) in order to pinpoint and address specific root imbalances. Through precise and effective verbal and physical adjustments we can facilitate a rapid recovery and imprint healthy biomechanical patterns that will prevent future injuries.

Ashleigh Sergeant will empower you to live free from pain. Plain and simple.

Yoga Therapeutics Training in Dubai - Yoga for Athletes in Dubai


80hours Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training by Sally Parkes (BSc)

Dates: 7th- 15th November 2014
Venue: The Change Initiative,  Dubai, U.A.E
Price:  Early Bird Rate: 4,800 Dhs until August 1st 2014. à Final Rate:  5,500 Dhs

This 80hours (9-days) indepth pregnancy yoga teacher training in Dubai (prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga) is open for yoga certified teachers and is grounded in sound physiology and anatomy as well as the more subtle aspects of yoga, the aim of which is to offer guidance towards a woman’s very special journey of pregnancy into motherhood.  Our goal is to offer support and guidance to our student teachers so they are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver safe, effective and uplifting classes and one to ones. This is achieved via a combination of appropriate asana, pranayama, mudra and visualisations. We also honor the Shakti (female) energetics that resides in all women and allows such an amazing event: (conception, pregnancy and birth) to occur. In addition, we will discuss and study the fourth trimester, otherwise known as the post-natal period, in great depth and how yoga and methods developed from Sallys’ knowledge of Pilates and gentle exercise rehabilitation, can assist a mothers’ post-natal recovery.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai

For registration and all inquiries, visit my website: