Egg White Sandwich – Delicious Weight on your Lips and Less on your Hips!



Egg White Sandwich

Egg White Sandwich – Delicious Weight on your Lips and Less on your Hips!

My breakfast today is created for the the extremely ravenous tummy but also super light on the waist… 4 egg white omelette split in half, before adding juicy cherry tomatoes, parsley and a slice of delicious pepper jack cheese melted in between. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, garnish with more parsley and serve with light labneh on the side. High in protein, low in carbs, rich in minerals and nutrients and the best bit? No bread required for this one!

Egg White Healthy Recipe by Yogalates Bliss in Dubai

Whipped up in the kitchen of Noura El-Imam, 


Collard Green Wraps filled with Hummus, Roasted Baby Corn + Sweet Pepper.

The benefits of Collard are endless but mainly act as a great substitute to bread (low carb & low calorie), a delicious alternative to kale and cabbage, packed with tremendous dose of nutrients and especially powerful in minimizing your risk against certain cancers while lowering the level of oxidative stress on your cells. In a nutshell, substituting your tortilla wraps with collard greens is one heck of a smart idea and tastes delicious as you can fill it with whatever your taste buds desire. Cheers to healthy eating!


Smokin, Toastin, Cinnamon Quinoa Granola!




Here is a delicious take on granola and perfect cool breakfast or healthy power treat for when the summer is slowly creeping up on us. I had white Quinoa sitting at home, old fashioned oats and slivered almonds, waiting to be turned into a delicious bowl of roasted – something. Armed with fresh honey and maple walnut chocolate, I decided to combine the best of both worlds and still have a MUCH lighter, healthier and less sweetened version of granola. Protein rich from Quinoa, this breakfast fit for a king & queen should keep your hunger pangs at bay and less sugar crash from a store-bought granola pack which is usually swimming in a lot of oil and sweeteners. Yes, we know how addictive they are but trust me when I say, this recipe will force you to padlock the remainder away once it comes straight out of the oven. Yes. True…onto that delicious recipe!

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Bliss Baked Eggplant Parmigiana!



Baked Eggplant Parmesan with juicy cherry tomatoes and basil served with cold yogurt dip and warm pita bread. There is something so delicious when you pair up the crispy and earthy, meaty texture of eggplants with cold refreshing yogurt. So here, in under 45 minutes, is my healthier take on this classic Northern Italian dish containing no eggs, milk, breadcrumbs and oil. Yup, and it tastes utterly divine. So divine infact, that I scraped the pan clean on my own. So this really serves two hungry mouths, or, one very, VERY hungry mouth. Thanks to Greenheart Organic Farms for supplying me with these delicious black beauties and tomatoes! Onto the recipe…..

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Zero Carb PepperJack Egg White Sandwich


Egg White Sandwich – Bread Free!

So I woke up today feeling extremely ravenous yet itching to create a delicious healthy & filling breakfast using my favorite staple – eggs. Keeping things super low on the carbs & calories but high on the protein, veggies, and flavor to satisfy that ridiculous hunger pang and busy day ahead, I pulled out four egg (whites), my newly purchased Go Veggie Pepperjack Cheese, a couple of sweet juicy cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and coriander leaves picked up from Greenheart Organic Farms, and dried rosemary. I’m all about eating in volume but low in saturated fat. No oil or butter needed here with all the delicious flavors  sandwiched between the poached egg whites!

The secret to making this speedy zero carb egg white sandwich is this smart Microwave Egg Poacher by Lakeland! Now if you are blessed with the skill of making perfectly poached eggs without the need for gizmos and gadgets, by all means, do so. This is a savior for when you are short on time and simply tried and failed in getting your eggs poached to perfection!
So go ahead and grab hold of the poacher, pour a bit of hot water in each circle.
Crack two egg whites in each circle.
Sprinkle rosemary & a dash of salt in each circle.
Close the lid on the poacher and microwave on high for 1.5 minutes.
In the meantime, slice up your cherry tomatoes, mushrooms & shred some coriander leaves.
Once your eggs are fully poached, scoop them out of the poacher carefully.
Sandwich your veggie-cheese mixture between the two poached eggs before returning back to the microwave for an additional 40-seconds allowing the cheese to melt with the veggies.
Out of the microwave, into your tummy. Simple. Delicious. Filling. Bursting with flavors. And no carbs required!!  

Average calories total = 180kcal.

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Low Carb Crispy Purple Kale Tacos


Low in carbs. Low in kcals. High in nutrition. Filling. Tastes heavenly. Most of all – satisfying.

I’m addicted to “Tumaros – Let’s Skip The Sandwich” tortilla wraps. They have that chewy texture, satisfying for a mere 60kcal, low in carbs (yes!) and actually taste, darn good. I chose the salsa-flavored Tumaros for this delicious Kale Tacos creation. And having just visited Greenheart Organic Farms – the real farm out in the desert – and plucked organic purple kale straight from their land during our fabulous tour, I was eager to crisp these purple beauties in the oven with a bit of non-stick spray on them, crush them inside the tortilla wrap with low fat sour cream, a couple of juicy organic cherry tomatoes, a generous tablespoon or two of salsa picante, a splash of lime before wrapping them all up nice and cosy in the tortilla. With more sour cream on the side. And a handful of naughty Deano’s Jalapeno Cheddar Chips. Just because. They go well together.


See how beautiful those purple kale leaves look? Crisped in the oven for about 30 minutes on 150Degrees (keep your eye on them!) – and lightly sprayed with non-stick oil, they are beautifully crunchy once out. Time to shred the leaves with chopped tomatoes, sour cream and salsa!


Then you roll this soft warm tortilla up nice and tight….


And then just like that, you have a low carb tortilla wrap with crispy zesty kale, juicy cherry tomatoes and feisty salsa, paired with cool sour cream for dinner. And that sneaky Jalapeno Chips. Because life is good when you balance out health and happiness!

Order your Purple Kale and other organic, local goodness to re-create this dish at home from
This recipe is created by Noura El-Imam, founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai