Heart Healthy Transformative Yogalates Testimonial in Dubai!


RESPECT. We absolutely LOVE it when our clients walk in and out of their Yogalates [Yoga and Pilates] Sessions in Dubai feeling transformed physically, mentally and energetically and a massive thanks to our movement specialist – Kim Danoher – for lighting up the positive flame in our client’s bodies and mind.
Kim and I have known each other for a while through Yogalates. I went to Kim this summer after finishing a 6 month programme of chemotherapy. My body was a mess! Examples included not being able to open a bottle, not being able to stand any longer than 20 minutes. Coping with an hours worth of pain across the my back after getting out of bed.

After 8 months of seeing Kim twice a week, I understand my body better than I ever have done which has not only allowed me to move without pain again but I have the strength to get into postures that I struggled with even before chemo and oh pregnancy!

Kim has patience, she was able to connect with me at time that I was very fragile but also gave me the push and confidence to help me get to where I am today. I cannot describe how integral she has been on my journey to restoration.

I have referred her to so many people who are in pain and I have every confidence that she can fix them. Although she is a yoga teacher, I think the skills, dedication and ‘inner geek’ in her makes sessions with Kim much more than Yoga. As you can probably tell, I have a lot to say about how fantastic Kim is!” Bridgett Lau Cooke



At Yogalates, we explore the layers of muscles that make up the core then work to build strength and tone in these muscles that translate into a fluid practice. Building greater core stability is the one thing everyone needs in order to progress in yoga from standing postures, side bends, balancing sequences, spinal twists, flexibility and chest opening exercises for a healthier breathing pattern and being able to move freely and expansively through everyday life!
Our sessions are friendly meaning, all levels and all walks of life are welcome. You’ll be offered modifications by Kim if a pose is new to you and advanced variations if you are a regular client.
We preach the outdoors and nature inspired activities at Bliss and invite you to be prepared to soak in plenty FRESH air and enjoy the sound of nature, sight of sunset, stars and the occasional full moon in all its glory.
However if it rains, we will take shelter in our cosy indoor studio [below]!

When is Yogalates?
Monday AND Wednesday

What to bring:
Yoga mat, water and your awesome self!

80Dhs for pay as you go – or – 600Dhs for a package of 10 sessions (valid for 3 months from date of purchase)
Please have the exact change ready in cash and payment is made on arrival.

*Yogalates takes place on the 7th floor, outdoor terrace overlooking the swimming pool.

*Showers/toilets are located on the same level as well as “Aqua Cafe” for coffee/tea/food if you wish to treat yourself afterwards or chill out on the 7th floor lounge area prior to your session.

{Attached is a map to Fraser Suites and exterior shots of the tower)

7:15 PM – 8:15 PM.
Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes to adjust your mat and settle in, peacefully!

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Core Strength in Yoga – Without The Crunches!

Pilates and Yoga in Dubai

Strong Core Muscles | Healthy Back – Yogalates Bliss in Dubai

“Everybody wants a flat stomach, but the worst way to get one is to deliberately contract your abdominal muscles” ~ Pete Egoscue.

We already flex the trunk forward all day long when we sit, drive, lean forward or stand with our tailbone tucked under. Repetitive spinal flexion over time can mess up our natural lumbar curve, creating compression on the discs in places where they are not supposed to be compressed. Read more by clicking here

A healthy yoga/pilates practice can improve your core strength WITHOUT the need for endless crunches. At Yogalates we employ a variety of excellent core work and awareness through forward folds, side/backbends, twists, balance exercises and relaxing tight psoas to release stiffness in the lower back area.

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What is Yogalates? – By The Yoga Report in Dubai


Noura El-Imam, creator and founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai was recently interviewed by The Yoga Report and answers the question, What is Yogalates?

Noura El-Imam, Founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai. Clothes sponsored by Carrot, Banana and Peach.  www.yogalatesblissindubai.com

Noura El-Imam, Founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai. Clothes sponsored by Carrot, Banana and Peach. http://www.yogalatesblissindubai.com

Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts tout their workouts with upmost enthusiasm, boasting about the life-changing physical and mental benefits. So, what is so special about these techniques that we hear and see so much about? What are the similarities and differences between Yoga and Pilates, and how can you get the best of both worlds?

Read on to find out by clicking here!

Yoga and Pilates – What is the Difference?


Yoga vs. Pilates: What’s the Difference?

Yogalates - the hybrid workout fusing both Yoga and Pilates in a one hour session

Yogalates – the hybrid workout fusing both Yoga and Pilates in a one hour session


If you’re looking at Yoga or Pilates to tighten your midsection, build strength, stand taller and feel healthier, they both get the job done. Both disciplines require concentration, consistent practice and awareness. That’s why they are classified under “mind-body” programs, along with Tai Chi and meditation.

But the differences between the two can be confusing, even for veteran students. Here’s a crash course on how yoga and Pilates each tone up our bodies and minds.

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Spiced Beets, Carrots and Ginger Coconut Milk Soup


Satisfying. Rich. Low in fat. Heartwarming. Tummy warming. Spiced. Addictive. Filling. Organic and local thanks to Greenheart Organic Farms for delivering all the produce to my doorstep.

This soup is bound to keep the cold away, your hunger at bay, your temptation for a Thai coconut curry satisfied, in a much healthier heart-warming bowl of goodness. The deep ruby red color of beets weaved with the orange color of the carrots and spiced up with ginger before being pureed with the creamy light coconut milk will definitely impress your tastebuds…and your friends…and your family… It’s worth every dice and minute behind the stove.

Serve with a crusty on the outside, soft on the inside bread to soak every last bit of goodness from your bowl and for a heartier main meal.


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