Yoga & Essential Skills | GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training, April 7-8, Dubai, UAE


Dubai GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training April 7-8, 2017 |

In today’s fast-paced and pressurized environment, children often do not have the opportunity to dance in the rain, walk barefoot on wet grass, smell the flowers, and to just be. And often, many essential life skills -such as emotional intelligence and learning how to cope with the unexpected can only be learned from an unbound state of mind. To be happy and successful in life requires more skills than the ability to excel in exams, play a musical instrument, read libraries of books.

If you’ve always wished to teach the non competitive approach of yoga to kids while helping them build confidence in their growing bodies, we invite you to join one of the most joyful kids program in town – GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training – presented by the founder himself, Greville Henwood from Los Angeles.


As a trainee on this fascinating intensive, you’ll learn how to teach the GroovyKids™ Yoga Flow [45-60 minute] complete range of motion yoga class for kids of all ages and abilities including music, movement, breath awareness and meditation. You’ll also learn fun games that get you to reveal your own patterns of thought, study class sequences and learn why, when and how to modify the sequence for almost infinite classes. You’ll see why the GroovyKids™ vision works for all kids of all abilities and cultures, from ages of 3-12 and sometimes even a little younger.

Parents, school teachers, yoga and fitness instructors and anyone who wishes to teach the benefits of yoga to kids are invited to enrol with Greville Henwood.

*Due to 7 sold out trainings in the past, we highly encourage advance deposit to secure your place.



Learn to Tap Into the Benefits of Yoga | 100hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, February 24 – March 7, 2017



All yoga practices conducted on the mat are part of the branch of Hatha Yoga – a gentle, more deliberate form of practice engaging asanas (yoga postures) offering a tremendous range of benefits for any level of yoga student. At the end of the day, practicing yoga is a personalized, unique beautiful journey of self discovery.

At Kreg Weiss’s 100hr Hatha Teacher Training, you’ll be fully charged with the skills to align, modify, and receive the practice that is genuine and authentic to you and your clients in order to balance and accommodate specific needs related to other activities and lifestyle patterns – athletes, injury recovery, pre- and postnatal, seniors, postural imbalance like forward head posture, or ‘text neck,’ which is increasing in our modern society resulting in unflattering number of issues like back and neck pain, headaches, jaw problems. .

You will learn specific flows to facilitate better posture by reversing chronically protracted scapulae and muscle imbalances that keep many people trapped in a poor posture resulting in severe neck and sudden back spasms.


And while considered a less vigorous style of practice, Hatha Yoga embraces a Yang energy offering a satisfying warmth and physical engagement from standing / seated / arm balances to core-flows which will be covered at the training. From the yin side, you’ll integrate beautiful, cooling postures and breath work to support the parasympathetic engagement of the nervous system, thus helping flush out stress and create a healing practice for the mind and soul – immensely needed in today’s busy lifestyle!

This training is an EXCELLENT foundation for yogis who may be keen to enroll into a 200hr at a later stage and for active teachers from all backgrounds wishing to expand their clientele base.


TIMINGS: 9am – 5:30pm
HOSTED: Voyoga Studio


Learn to teach and practice Meditation with David Magone on June 2-6, 2017 | Dubai, UAE


David Magone in Dubai

Whether you’re a yoga teacher wishing to incorporate meditation techniques to your classes or looking to inject a heart-healthy dose to your daily life, this 40hr Meditation Teacher Training curated by senior presenter PranaVayu Yoga with David Magone from Boston will get you there.

You’ll discover how you can let go of an active mind and practice slowing down external thoughts for a sense of deep peace and higher levels of awareness using Yoga Nidra and Shamatha while practicing daily Restorative Yoga.


YOGA NIDRA = or yogic sleep is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. It is excellent for cooling down the body and nervous system after yoga postures, restoring normal temperatures. The practice relieves insomnia by allowing you to disengage from thoughts and other stressors and to experience deep relaxation.

SHAMATHA = or mindfulness and concentration, is the practice of calming the mind and means “peacefully abiding.” Peacefully abiding describes the mind as it naturally is. The word “peace” tells the whole story. The human mind is by nature joyous, calm and very clear. In shamatha meditation we aren’t creating a peaceful state—we’re letting our mind be as it is to begin with. This doesn’t mean that we’re peacefully ignoring things. It means that the mind is able to be with itself without constantly leaving.


The meditation techniques in this training are designed to be as calming as possible, the morning yoga sessions will be Restorative such as a slow, floor-based class that incorporates back-bending and twisting poses that encourages heart opening as well as liberation for the hip flexors, chest, and spine. The late afternoon sessions will focus on Yoga Nidra to support the training. The remaining hours of each day are used to introduce prospective teachers to the major tools and techniques that they’ll need to begin offering their own meditation classes.

  • Set up an effective meditation group, lesson plans and teaching techniques
  • Guide three different types of meditation in private lesson settings and group class environments
  • How to teach 2 different types of meditation: Shamatha (mindfulness and strengthening concentration), Yoga Nidra (for insomnia & anxiety) and guided walking meditation
  • Help yourself and others overcome stress and anxiety by inducing the relaxation response
  • Identify and overcome common obstacles to meditation practice
  • How to evaluate signs of progress

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Focus on the things you CAN control and learn how to melt ANXIETY…





When you’re stressed at work and life in general, it’s natural to respond by trying to reduce your workload or finding ways to ‘de-stress’, like a spa weekend. But the benefits are short-lived. The lasting way to beat stress? Try to understand how MUCH stress results from trying to change things BEYOND your control.

It’s easy to think of stress as an external force, pressing down on you from outside. But it’s really the result of two things: external circumstances – your boss’s demand for work, or a messy desk – plus your beliefs about them. If you don’t care about your desk, it can’t stress you. When your beliefs are unrealistic, stress is inevitable.

Two unrealistic beliefs are more stress-inducing and widespread than any other. The first if that it’s possible to ‘get everything done’ but the amount you could do is infinite – you’ll never squeeze it all in. The more honest question is “which problems  do I want to solve?” Does it matter if some emails don’t get fast replies? There’s no correct answer; the point is that some kind of trade-off is unavoidable. So you really don’t need to stress about getting it all done.

The second unrealistic belief is that you CAN control what, in reality, you can’t. You can control your own actions, and sometimes thoughts, but that’s about it. If you decide that you must change other’s behaviour or what they think of you, stress will result.



Practice emotional acceptance. Psychologists argue that your own emotions are among the many things beyond your control. Stop trying to stamp out feelings of stress with positive thinking. It makes things worse (yes!) and focus on taking action instead!

Rephrase your to-do list. To ensure you’re only focusing on what you CAN control, make sure every item on your list contains a physical verb such as “phone Emily” or “go online and look for a job”. If you can’t find a concrete verb, that’s a sign it’s BEYOND your control.

Use ‘creative distraction’. Since stress depends on beliefs, there’s one sure-fire way to get a break from it. Fully occupy your mind with something else. Traditionally ‘relaxing’ activities might NOT BE THE BEST as they leave too much attention free for worrying. Hobbies requiring concentration like learning an instrument or language might prove far more effective!

Source: Oliver Burkeman, author of ‘The Antidote: Happiness For People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking’

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Rock Climber’s Essence of Receptivity and Yoga | Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai by Kreg Weiss, Feb 2017


yoga rock climbers.jpg

100hr Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Kreg Weiss
February 24 – March 7, 2017
Dubai, UAE

“I was thinking yesterday of how experienced rock climbers (note: never actually done it myself) emulate how a yoga practice can be – highly saturated with a sense of mindful engagement and receptivity.  The skill and agility applied in rock climbing requires a delightful balance of knowing how to engage regions of the body that require stabilization and strength while, at the same time, being able to remain free, open, and receptive to move through large, complex movements.  Is this not what is required of us when moving on the mat?

My interpretation of receptivity on the mat is the evolving process of developing the awareness to engage the body while knowing how to soften at the same time.   Some of my common cues as a yoga teacher address the subtle gripping and bracing that occurs in stimulating poses.  Often I see people clenching their jaws, flaring the nostrils, or closing off the eyebrows – this is gripping.  Frequently, I observe toes grasping and clawing the earth in standing poses.  All unnecessary, unaware holding and ultimately poorly directed energy.

The opposite occurs frequently as well with a lack of necessary engagement  – I find this readily happens when students settle their attention on the immediate, ‘gross’ objectives of the postures.  While one region of the body experiences the primary engagement of the pose, other parts of the body become nonexistent.  Good example is seated half twist (bottom leg extended).  As the student twists and sends the gaze away from the body, the extended leg ankle becomes limp and unpurposeful – here is the opportunity to open the back lines of that extended leg by feeding through the heel (knee extension) and by working energy through the ankle and across the toes (ankle dorsiflexion and toe abduction).  Alas, often not the case and that leg remains a soft noodle.

Taking the idea of unnecessary gripping and bracing further, the ultimate aim of our practice is to create a stable, yet supple vessel for energy to move through and ignite the soul.  This flow of energy is greatly facilitated by our breath.  Wasteful gripping and hardening can restrict our breathing mechanics and capacity to draw in prana.  How often we do hear our yoga neighbors in class snorting and puffing away with their breath when trying reach past the toes in seated forward bends?  They would be better served to ease off, realign, reassess, and dissolve the drive towards the ‘challenge’ of the pose.  Nurturing intentions begin to flourish when the breath acts as the gauge that monitors quality over quantity.  Harmony over desire.

These elements of receptivity are essential for being exploratory and for having the ability to align into your unique physical and energetic practice.   Rigidity limits playfulness.  Lack of mindful engagement diminishes purpose and benefits.  Find that balance, like a rock climber, becoming one with the practice (with the mountain face) versus seeing it as a barrier and being rigid against it.  Become fully in tune in how to apply the fire element in certain parts while using the water element to remain receptive, supple, and flowing.” – Kreg Weiss,

Kreg Weiss Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

These aspects of receptivity will be a common thread woven into the upcoming 100 Hr Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in February 2017

Join Kreg to learn how to effectively apply these principles of mindful engagement and to extract the most holistic benefits from your practice and teaching.

On this 12 day program, you will explore functional yoga, journey through in-depth applications of yoga postures and learn how to tie in all these principles to design multiple yoga classes for a variety of clientele and demographics. This training is an excellent foundation for practicing yogis who may be keen to enroll into a 200hr as the next transition and active teachers keen to solidify their knowledge in hatha yoga and expand their clientele base.

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100hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai with Kreg Weiss, February 2017



100hr Integrative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Kreg Weiss

February 24-  March 7, 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates  Continue reading



yogalates bliss in dubai


We all know by now that Yoga and Pilates improves your posture and core strength.
At our signature Yogalates sessions, we combine the best of both to explore the layers that make up your core then work to build strength and tone in those muscles. Building greater strength in the core is the one thing EVERYONE needs in order to transition smoothly between standing postures, side bends, balancing sequences, spinal twists and invigorating chest openers. Explore these benefits and much more at Yogalates every Monday + Wednesday in the refreshing outdoors at Fraser Suites Dubai!

On an annual basis, we cherry pick a multi diverse range of Yoga Alliance Registered Trainings led by senior guest teachers from across the world to inspire you in becoming your best as a confident student, empower you in becoming a strong yoga teacher and support you in continuing your education with advanced intensives. Discover our upcoming 2016 Yoga Teacher Trainings in Dubai today!

At Bliss, we preach the outdoors, great food and adventure! Watch this space as we reveal our next 2017 Yoga retreat to Bali revolving around nature inspired activities, invigorating and therapeutic yoga sessions, rich integration with the local culture, delicious local cuisine and PLENTY of downtime to reset your system and reawaken your five senses.

And if you are a wellness / health professional looking to setup your own wellness business in Dubai from healthy foods concept, fitness event or exhibition, yoga or pilates studio, to ‘how to’ build your private clientele base, I can assist you along your path of growth in your business with over 8 years of marketing and management consultancy services specifically geared towards the UAE’s progressive wellness scene.

Visit our website at



The practice of ‪#‎ishvarapranidhana‬ [surrendering to a power bigger than us] requires us to have faith and trust in what the future brings rather than try to control what will happen to us and to those around us.

Ultimately, realization may come if one is oriented toward the ideal of pure awareness, which is Isvara. These are simple but easy to understand concepts that can help you on your yogic journey and daily life encounters. The yoga sutras of‪#‎Patanjali‬ are still as valid in these modern times as they ever were when he wrote them. People who read the sutras are fascinated and intrigued about his deep knowledge and understanding of how humans ‘tick’ and by following Patanjali’s guidelines in our life, we can make our entire existence a space of awareness and knowledge.

Explore the fascinating sutras as a trainee at our upcoming 200hr Dubai Yoga Teacher Training on July 8 – August 1, 2016 through a combination of in-class  daily discussions and homework, to understand the history of yoga and how to apply concepts pertaining to the origins of yoga as well as its philosophical underpinnings into your own class, thereby inspiring others around you.

Along with the philosophical portion of the training, Erica’s aim is to guide you through an evolved system of inquiry, deepen your practice, and launch into inspired and creative teaching of the discipline of ‪#‎Vinyasa‬ yoga – a step-by-step approach practiced in a creative, logical sequence alongside conscious breath and mental focus that leads to greater self-awareness. It is a dynamic dance between the body and the breath.


This in-depth yoga teacher’s training instructor’s course also includes specialty areas of teaching such as restorative, 90 minute Hatha sequences, yoga for beginners, prenatal, pranayama and ayurveda. Knowledge in these areas can be extremely helpful, especially in large classes that tend to include all types of people including high stressed individuals and new students.

Become a certified yoga teacher in Dubai in 2016

Rate: 14,500 AED

Register towards a life fulfilling 23 day journey and path to becoming certified as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher on July 8 – August 1, 2016

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33 Benefits of Yoga + Pilates


Clara Roberts Oss Handstand | Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai 2016

The beauty of fusing Yoga and Pilates…

You are more flexible (in body and mind).
You have more muscle strength.
You perfect your posture.
You improve strength in the back muscles.
You tone your abdominals.
You keep your joints healthy.
You protect your spine.
You nourish your spinal discs.
You improve your bone density.
You increase your circulation.
You boost your immunity.
You improve your cardiovascular fitness.
You improve your blood pressure.
You lower your stress hormones.
You are less likely to feel anxious and depressed.
You are more likely to maintain a healthy weight.
You are a happier and nicer person.
You are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle.
You have better focus and concentration.
You are more relaxed.
You have better balance.
You soothe your nervous system.
You release muscle tension and are less likely to suffer from chronic pain.
You sleep better.
You breathe better.
You digest better.
You are more peaceful.
You have a sharper mind.
You feel better about yourself.
You are more aware.
You have better relationships.
You can better heal yourself.
You might end up meeting your soulmate or a bestie!

Feel these amazing head to toe benefits at Yogalates every Monday and Wednesday under the stars at Fraser Suites Dubai. We will ensure you walk away feeling rebirthed and refreshed!

Yogalates Bliss Yoga in Dubai Outdoors

What to bring to Yogalates:

Yoga mat, water and your awesome self. Spare mats provided if needed.


80 Dhs for pay as you go – or – 600 Dhs for a package of 10 sessions (valid for 3 months from date of purchase)


Fraser Suites tower, 7th floor, outdoors by the pool. Showers, sauna and steam room available to use on the same floor. Enjoy!


7:15pm – 8:15pm every Monday and Wednesday
Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes to adjust your mat and settle in, peacefully!

Backbend Yoga



Rate: 14,500 AED

Whether you are already teaching, about to begin or are newly acquainted with the benefits of yoga, waking up to who you really are not only frees you to live the life you always knew was possible, it also frees others!

Inquire + Inspire 200hr Yoga Teacher Training by Erica Blitz, will guide you through an evolved system of inquiry, deepen your practice, and launch into inspired and creative teaching.

Vinyasa is a step-by-step approach practiced in a creative, logical sequence alongside conscious breath and mental focus that leads to greater self-awareness. It is a dynamic dance between the body and the breath. We are moving our bodies creating more space in the body but at the same time, deepening the breath to make more space in the body. This is the cosmic dance of Vinyasa.

Each asana has not only a physical benefit but also an energetic quality and through dynamic sequencing we can tap into the essence of a physical and energetic practice. The rhythm and tempo that transforms words into poetry is much like the current of a “vinyasa” that weaves asanas together for a balanced yoga experience. The order in which we place certain postures in a class and the transitions that we use to link them together taught by Erica is a magical ingredient that can lead you and your students deeper into the alchemy of asana.

In this 23 day complete level 1 foundational training, you will focus on how to design complete classes based on the informed ordering of asanas. Your questions on “why this pose before or after that pose?” will be revealed. You will learn how the body works and how to make the practice of asanas as safe, accessible, yet as deep as possible.

This training provides you with a comprehensive yoga education and exceeds the requirements for Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour certification.

Nico and a happy Dog



Rate: 7,000 AED early bird expires on August 1

Clara Roberts and Nico Luce join forces once again to provide a one-of-a-kind advanced yoga teacher training by combining over 25 years of studies and yoga teaching experience in a curated two week intensive training designed for yoga teachers and graduates of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program seeking to go deeper in their practice, sharpen their teaching techniques and take their offerings to a higher level to go from good to great!

Clara and Nico Yoga


Vinyasa Asana Lab: Vinyasa yoga is about combining intelligent sequencing with creative transitions, fluid pacing and precise timing. We will explore all these aspects from different vinyasa lineages including classical Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Anusara, Prana Flow and Forrest Yoga. We will also delve into general class structure; going over vinyasa krama (stages) so every student feels empowered to trust and listen to their bodies, creating a container for students to feel safe to explore emotions that may arise and how to conduct classes that are both fiery and cooling. Restorative poses and chill yin sequences will also be covered.

Anatomy of the Injured Yogi: As teachers we encounter many students who either come to class with injuries or get injured in class. We will go over common injuries such as neck, rotator cuff, lower back, knees, wrists and ankles. Information will be given on the most common ways these joints are injured, modifications for different needs and ways of helping rehabilitate.

Philosophical Journey to the East: We will read and discuss two key ancient masterpieces that reshaped spirituality in the eastern world, the Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching. [We recommend you read Stephen Mitchell’s translations of both texts. They need to be read prior to the training] These wisdom filled texts exemplify two radically different philosophical approaches to the same spiritual quest and are worth examining them today and contemplate their deeper teachings.

Subtle Body: Daily meditation, mantra and pranayama will be given at the start of each day along with discussion and practical application of these more subtle teachings.

Mini yoga class + feedback: Each teacher will have the option to lead a 30 min class based on the material covered in the program and will receive feedback from both Clara and Nico.




Rate: 3,000 AED

The highly praised GroovyKids® Yoga Teacher Training by Greville Henwood marks a remarkable return after sold out 7 trainings in Dubai!

If you have a passion in Yoga and love for kids this weekend intensive is designed to educate, inspire and enlighten teachers, parents and anyone else who wishes to introduce children to the joys of Yoga. Its primary focus is MOVEMENT which allows children to learn and grow, followed by stillness in MEDITATION.

Some of the amazing skills you’ll walk away from the training include:

▪ How to prepare and organize the room.
▪ GroovyKids Yoga Teaching Sequences.
▪ Poses to avoid depending on age groups.
▪ Modifications for different age groups.
▪ Incorporating creative games.
▪ How to categorize poses smartly.
▪ Brief comparison of teaching kids and adults.
▪ How to teach philosophy to kids [addressing root causes of topics such as anxiety, attention span]
▪ Watching Greville put theory into action on day 2 kids demo session – yes it’s fascinating
▪ Qualities of a yoga teacher and confidence.
▪ How to offer individual attention to every child in a group setting.
▪ Class control, meditation, discipline, rewards and much more!

The training is open to yoga teachers, parents, school teachers and yoga practitioners who would love to be part of kids transformation and tailor classes to children of different ages, as well as partner yoga work, breath techniques and the actual content of the class-time.

Baby Love



Rate: 5,800 AED Early Bird Rate expires on Sept 1st

Widen your clientele base, discover the unique needs of pregnant clients and how to safely guide them through all stages of pregnancy as well as addressing the needs of the postnatal stages. You will learn how to guide your clients in working with their individual changing bodies, helping them prepare for healthy labor and birth. Sally will train you how to teach Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, how to cue pregnant women in regular yoga classes through specific Yoga sequences, Pilates and rehabilitation exercises to provide a foundational system that works with the pregnant body without sacrificing the intensity that is needed to prepare for childbirth.


• Yoga related movements for all the trimesters to stretch and strengthen the physical body and help alleviate common conditions of pregnancy.

• Mula Bandha – the importance of a healthy pelvic floor and the correct alignment of the pelvis during pregnancy and the post-natal period.

• Energetics; How a dysfunctional pelvic floor relates to and affects the Root Chakra.

• Appropriate relaxation, pranayama, visualizations and meditation.

• The spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth.

• Working with an exercise ball or chair for both pregnancy and in preparation for labour.

• Positions for Optimal Foetal Positioning for the three stages of labour

• Birth and labour – description of a `normal’ birth using both anatomical images and a dummy baby and model of the pelvis. We also cover birth using induction, intervention, and Caesarean Section.

• Post-natal recovery including exercises and breath work following Caesarean Section.

• Yoga and Pilates related movements for the post-natal period to stretch and strengthen the physical body and help alleviate common conditions of a post-natal woman including postural changes such as Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome.

• How simple breath work and deep relaxation can help heal a mom, both mentally, physically and emotionally.

• Basic Nutrition for new mums to aid post-natal recovery.

• Mother and Baby Yoga – How to plan and facilitate a class.

• How to start your business as a pre and post-natal yoga teacher

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5 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Can Build Your Confidence


Yoga teacher training is a metaphor for life. As in your practice and in your life; the aim our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai on July 2016 is to build your power.There is only one way to access personal power and that’s through confidence; you have to believe it, you have to embody it. Building confidence is a shortcut to your purpose, which becomes a fast track to your highest possibility. That’s where power lives. Starting a 200hr yoga teacher training in Dubai with Erica Blitz will build confidence like nothing else.

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Source: 5 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Can Build Your Confidence