Enhance the Body’s Ability to Heal & Rejuvenate | Dubai Meditation Teacher Training by David Magone, June 2-6, 2017


JUNE 2-6, 2017

‘We are a society of energy addicts, who expect quick fixes on demand. We fight our natural rhythms and then expect to switch off at will, but we could use our SLEEP to connect more deeply with ourselves.’ – Fiona Buckland

Stress is a major inducer of hypertension. As with anxiety, stress-related hypertension comes and goes – and is fairly normal. By including meditation into your daily life, you can prevent stress from developing into a chronic, daily condition.

Just 10 minutes of resting with your eyes closed can transform a problem, calm shattered nerves, and relieve sensations of fatigue.

Perfect for serious students of yoga and teachers alike, this five-day meditation teacher training designed by David Magone from Boston, will help you deepen your own meditation practice with a combination of restorative yoga, short lectures and setup excellent guided meditation practices.

David is the director of www.pranavayu.com and has received a number of accolades in the press with features in Travel + Leisure’s “25 Top Yoga Studios Around the World”, Vogue Magazine UK, the Wall Street Journal, NPR and many other publications, David also serves as a Dharma teacher and is one of the first non-Tibetan teachers authorized to teach Mangalam Yantra Yoga, a Buddhist Yoga practice originating in the 10th century A.D. David regularly contributes to the Huffington Post Healthy Living section, and is a featured teacher on Gaia TV and the Comcast Cable TV Network.
In addition to deepening your own practice across this 5 day intensive, you’ll learn to guide others to a happier, healthier and more peaceful mental perspective with 3 different types of meditation:

Yoga Nidra state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of instructions. It’s very useful for insomnia, anxiety and whole host of other ailments

Shamatha Meditation is the practice (bhāvanā) of the calming of the mind (citta) and its ‘formations’ (saṅkhāra). This is done by practicing single-pointed meditation most commonly through mindfulness of breathing. It calms emotions and strengthens concentration.

Guided Walking Meditation an excellent way to ground your body which involves very deliberating thinking about and doing a series of actions that you normally do  automatically. It’s a wonderful complement to a seated meditation practice.
After taking this training you be able to:

  • Effectively structure your own daily meditation practices
  • Help yourself and others overcome stress and anxiety by inducing the relaxation response
  • Identify and overcome common obstacles to meditation practice
  • Evaluate signs of progress
  • Guide three different types of meditation in private lesson settings and group class environment

Since the meditation workshops are designed to be as calming as possible, the morning yoga sessions will include Restorative Yoga such as a slow, floor-based class that incorporates back-bending and twisting poses that encourage heart opening as well as liberation for the hip flexors, chest, and spine. The late afternoon sessions will focus on Yoga Nidra, Shamatha and Guided Walking Meditation to support the training anD introduce prospective teachers and students to the major tools and techniques to begin offering meditation classes.

Hi! My name is David Magone. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, just outside of a small town in Montana called Livingston. I’ve been a full time yoga teacher for the last fourteen years, and when not teaching yoga, I spend most of my time cooking, traipsing through the woods, or hanging out on the Maine Coast with my partner Alexandra.

My yogic journey began in 1995 with a monk, a can of coca-cola and a packet of coffee creamer.

At that time, I was traveling as a percussionist on a high-school band tour through parts of China. During the trip, I had the good fortune to be seated next to a young Buddhist monk during a flight from Shanghai to Beijing. About an hour into the flight, the flight attendant brought around beverages and the monk asked for a can of coca cola. I’m not certain why, but when she gave him the can she also handed him a packet of creamer to go along with it.

The monk didn’t understand that the creamer was meant for coffee, so he proceeded to pour it into his soda, and it fizzed everywhere. Rather than being annoyed, he laughed so hard that he almost started to cry! At first, I was surprised by his reaction but then I started to laugh too. Neither one of us spoke the same language so we didn’t talk at all, but I really remember thinking,“Man! I really want to be be like that guy!”

At the time, I had no idea what that monk had done to become so light-hearted, but I assumed that it must have something to do with meditation. And so, when I returned home to Montana a few weeks later, I bought a book on meditation and started practicing on my own. I can’t say that I had any mind-blowing experiences that first time out, but practicing made me feel calm and happy. This small success served to give me the confidence that I was indeed on the right track, so I decided to keep on practicing from that point on in the hopes of deepening my experience.

Motivated by that initial experience with meditation, I eventually decided to pursue the possibility of greater health and happiness by dedicating myself more fully to traditional yoga and meditation practices. I began by studying philosophy at Portland State University and continued on to complete a three year yoga teaching apprenticeship with master yoga teacher Holiday Johnson while studying vinyasa yoga with “Yogi Bill” Counter in Portland Oregon. In 2001, under the kindly mentorship of Holiday, I began to synthesize many of my discoveries in philosophy, yoga and meditation into a unique style of vinyasa yoga called PranaVayu.

In 2003, I relocated to Boston MA and after teaching there for a number of years I began formal meditation studies with the Tibetan meditation master Khenpo Migmar Tseten Rinpoche [featured with David above] at the Harvard University Buddhist Chaplaincy. Before coming to the U.S., Khenpo Migmar had served as the main Abbot of the Sakya Monastary in Puruwalla India. Due to his academic achievements, Khenpo Migar was allowed to train directly with His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, one of the greatest meditation masters of the last century and the private Tutor of the 14th Dalai Lama himself.

After studying with Khenpo Migmar for a number of years, I became one of the first non-Tibetan teachers authorized to teach Mangalam Yantra Yoga, a secret Buddhist Yoga practice dating from the 10th century A.D. Today, in addition to teaching PranaVayu Yoga and Mangalam Yantra Yoga, I teach Dharma courses on a variety of sutra topics under Khenpo Migmar’s guidance and continue to attend ongoing classes in Vajrayana Buddhism (Highest Yoga Tantra) at the Sakya Center in Harvard Square.

In 2014, the circle came full round when I was asked to join the Prajna Upadesa Foundation, a small non profit organization responsible for organizing a public teaching for the His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Boston. I happily accepted, and served in a number of roles in the lead up to the event.   Our small team put in a lot of hard work and were rewarded with a sold out event with over 2,000 people in attendance. Over the course of the day, monks and nuns from a variety of traditions and lay people from all across the U.S. gathered together to hear His Holiness give commentary on “the Eight Verses of Mind Training”. It was a truly memorable experience, and one that I’ll not forget.

In the hopes of sharing some of what I’ve learned with others, I regularly teach PranaVayu yoga classes and workshops all around the world. I also contribute content to the world’s leading Yoga website Gaia.com (Formerly Gaiam TV) and a number of other mind/body and fitness publications. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I owe it all to that monk and his can of soda! If it hadn’t been for him, I don’t know if I ever would have found my way to yoga. I’ll never have the chance to thank him personally, so instead, I’ve decided to do my best to pay it forward by introducing as many people as possible to the transformational effects of yoga and meditation.

Practice full length videos with David on Gaia TV


9AM – 5PM

Day 1

Intro to the relaxation response

Meditation practices for insomnia

Guiding Yoga Nidra

Practicum:  Student guided Yoga Nidra

Day 2

Retrain your brain – Intro to meditation

Walking meditation practices

Preliminaries and prerequisites

The basics of seated posture

What to focus on when meditating

Group assimilation exercises

Day 3

Additional techniques to aid concentration

How to overcome major obstacles to meditation practice

Understanding the five moods of meditation

Group assimilation exercises

Day 4

Understanding the elephant, monkey and the monk:  9 stages of meditation

Silent meditation retreat

Day 5

Review, silent meditation retreat and student guided meditation practices



1) Application Form: 

Please complete the attached application form in this email and submit it back to me at yogalatesdxb@gmail.com 

to proceed with securing your place and payment as the next step.

2) Tuition Fee: 4,200 AED

Rate includes your comprehensive manual, certificate of completion of 40 hours (Counts as CEC for Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers)


3) Prerequisite Readings:

  • 10% Happier by Dan Harris
  • Just One Thing by Dr. Rick Hanson

Express interest and register while spaces are still available by completing the form below or via: Email: yogalatesdxb@gmail.com
Visit: www.yogalatesblissindubai.com


100hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai with Nico Luce and Clara Roberts, September 2016



100hr Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai 2016 | Nico Luce and Clara Roberts

And they are back!

Clara Roberts-Oss and Nico Luce join forces once again to provide a one of a kind ‘Skillful Teaching, A Balanced Act’ 100 hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai on September 16-28, 2016, designed for yoga teachers and graduates of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program.
Known for creating playful sequences that are integrated and well-balanced, they combine over 25 years of studies and yoga teaching experience. Together they bring extensive knowledge in the field of asana through various lineages as well as philosophy, mantra, pranayama, energetic/anatomical techniques and meditation. Building upon what you’ve learned so far, Nico Luce from Argentina and Clara Roberts from New York, will refine your teaching/practice with feedback on cuing, sequencing and Bhavana (mood). They will encourage you to go deeper into the biomechanics of poses and transitions with the aim of cultivating a well rounded class including inspirational themes and clear instruction.

We realize not everyone can take over a month off for a 300 hour yoga teacher training and so Clara Roberts and Nico Luce have worked together to curate a special advanced two week long (100hr) training designed for yoga teachers and graduates of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program seeking to deepen their understanding of Vinyasa Yoga, sharpen their teaching techniques and take their offerings to a higher level to go from good to great!

Nico Luce Yoga Teacher Training Dubai


Vinyasa Asana Lab: Vinyasa ​yoga is about ​combining ​​intelligent sequencing with creative ​transitions​, ​​fluid​ ​pacing and ​precise ​timing. We will explore ​all these aspects from different vinyasa lineages including​ classical Ashtanga​, ​Power Vinyasa, ​Jivamukti, Anusara, Prana Flow and Forrest Yoga. We will also ​delve ​​into ​general ​class structure;​ going over vinyasa krama (stages) so every student feels empowered to trust and listen to their bodies, ​​creating a container for students to feel safe to explore emotions that may arise and ​how to conduct ​classes that are both fiery and cooling. Restorative poses and ​chill yin ​sequences will also be covered.

Anatomy of the Injured Yogi: As teachers we encounter many students who either come to ​class with injuries or ​get injured in class. We will go over common injuries such as neck, rotator cuff, lower back​,​ knees​, wrists and ankles​. Information will be given on the most common ways these ​joints are injured, modifications ​for different needs ​and ways of helping rehabilitate.

Philosophical ​Journey to the East​: We will read and discuss ​two key ancient masterpieces that reshaped spirituality ​in the eastern world, the Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching. [We recommend you read Stephen Mitchell’s translations of both​ texts​. They need to be read prior to the training] ​​These ​wisdom filled texts ​exemplify ​two radically different ​philosophical ​approaches to the ​same ​spiritual quest and are worth examining ​them today ​​and ​contemplate their deeper teachings.

Subtle Body: Daily meditation, mantra and pranayama will be given at the start of each day along with discussion and practical application of these more subtle teachings.

Mini yoga class + feedback: Each teacher will ​have the option to ​lead a 30 min class based on the material covered in the program and will receive feedback (if they wish) from both Clara and Nico.

Clara Roberts Oss Handstand | Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai 2016

For more information, registration and how to secure the early bird special rate, visit:



Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman in Dubai

No one wants to live in pain and most people experience some aspect of chronic physical pain every single day. Pain makes us feel helpless, disempowered and frustrated. Mental anguish can be equally painful. Harmful thought patterns cause mental clutter and leave us feeling drained, anxious and overwhelmed. Zephyr sees infinite potential for freedom, happiness and empowerment in all humans. Through precise biomechanical alignment, powerful breath work and accessible meditation practices you will be guided to reclaim what is rightfully yours—you are freedom.

This top caliber 5 Day / 30 Hour Applied Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman in Dubai on April 29-May 3, 2016 will cover topics around therapeutics for the upper and lower body, stress reduction and functional strength training. By observing roots of pain and disturbance of muscular balance, Zephyr will teach you how to relieve suffering caused by ankle and knee pain, frozen shoulder, neck strain, rotator cuff injury, chronic headaches, TMJ and more. You’ll learn how to deepen your understanding of the body’s Optimal Blueprint (the master design for optimal healing) in order to pinpoint and address specific root imbalances and facilitate a rapid recovery – be it for yourself, your students or your clients

Through precise and effective verbal and physical adjustments, you will learn how to facilitate a rapid recovery and imprint healthy biomechanical patterns that will prevent future injuries for your clients, students and yourself.


•   Improve your expertise of optimal mind-body system functions and body awareness during a state of dynamic balance.

•   Educate you on skeletal, muscular and fascial structures of the body

•   How to tailor yoga therapy to the health needs of the individual in a way which is effective at reducing symptoms, restoring balance, increasing vitality and improving attitude.

•   Help you recognise unhealthy physical, psychological and spiritual patterns in their clients and in themselves.

•   Create assessment techniques that are bespoke to their clients and to themselves.

•   Create and use different techniques such as massage, stretching, breathing exercises, strengthening and different methods of yoga to emphasise prevention of pain and aid the recovery back to balance.

•   Inspire you to approach yoga philosophy with a value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others through yoga.


Be the go-to Yoga teacher with powerful therapeutic tools to help people live their full potential of a healthy life by enrolling into our Dubai Yoga Therapeutics Training Certification on April 29- May 3, 2016 today! Visit: www.yogalatesblissindubai.com | Email: yogalatesdxb@gmail.com

ADRENAL EXHAUSTION: The Chronic Stress Response and Beating Fatigue with Yoga & Pilates


This article was sourced from Women’s Best Health
By: Dr. Marianne Beck

We live in a hectic and “stressed out” world. Life seems to move at a faster pace than ever, leaving us no time for ourselves—no time to relax or just have fun. Everywhere you look, people are ‘running around like chickens without a head”, going from one errand to another, driving to work and sitting in traffic, dealing with the kids, the in-laws and the ‘outlaws”, giving up on taking vacations, talking and texting on cell phones and computers 24/7, Tweeting and FaceBooking into the wee hours of the night—the list goes on and on. We seem to be “dragging’ all the time waiting for the weekend and when the weekend comes, we collapse on the couch– too tired to do anything. “Stressed to the max” and “I’m on my last nerve” are now common expressions in society. But, this comes at a price. Constant and chronic stress takes a toll on our health.

Stress comes in many forms. Emotional stress such as overwork, a family death, divorce, loss of a job, anger, fear, lack of sleep etc. There are dietary stresses from consuming alcohol, eating too much sugar, fast foods, food additives and colorings and eating inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy and soy. And then there is stress in the form of tissue damage, inflammation and pain from head injuries, whiplash, liver toxicity, gastrointestinal infections, arthritis, surgery and illness. When all of these stressors come together in an individual, the adrenal glands can not keep up the production of stress hormones. They eventually “burn out” and chronic illness ensues.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, April 2014 | www.yogalatesblissindubai.com

Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, April 2014 | http://www.yogalatesblissindubai.com

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