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While any movement is beneficial, what distinguishes yoga from other sports is its non-competitive spirit. We all know by now that kids LOVE movement and being physically active. Sharing yoga with them at a young age gives them the great gift of being active and they’ll learn how to enjoy their body for how it makes them FEEL rather than how it looks.

Danielle Heron who has completed GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai with Greville Henwood has been an active teacher for the past 3 years at Surf House Dubai. Today she shares how – just like adults – our mini yogis benefit tremendously from the practice!

Our next 15hr GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training commences on October 7-8, 2016 and we would love to have you be part of it while spaces are still available! This weekend training is open to anyone who has a passion in yoga and love for kids; moms, educators, yoga teachers and passionate yogis alike.

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yogalates bliss in dubai


We all know by now that Yoga and Pilates improves your posture and core strength.
At our signature Yogalates sessions, we combine the best of both to explore the layers that make up your core then work to build strength and tone in those muscles. Building greater strength in the core is the one thing EVERYONE needs in order to transition smoothly between standing postures, side bends, balancing sequences, spinal twists and invigorating chest openers. Explore these benefits and much more at Yogalates every Monday + Wednesday in the refreshing outdoors at Fraser Suites Dubai!

On an annual basis, we cherry pick a multi diverse range of Yoga Alliance Registered Trainings led by senior guest teachers from across the world to inspire you in becoming your best as a confident student, empower you in becoming a strong yoga teacher and support you in continuing your education with advanced intensives. Discover our upcoming 2016 Yoga Teacher Trainings in Dubai today!

At Bliss, we preach the outdoors, great food and adventure! Watch this space as we reveal our next 2017 Yoga retreat to Bali revolving around nature inspired activities, invigorating and therapeutic yoga sessions, rich integration with the local culture, delicious local cuisine and PLENTY of downtime to reset your system and reawaken your five senses.

And if you are a wellness / health professional looking to setup your own wellness business in Dubai from healthy foods concept, fitness event or exhibition, yoga or pilates studio, to ‘how to’ build your private clientele base, I can assist you along your path of growth in your business with over 8 years of marketing and management consultancy services specifically geared towards the UAE’s progressive wellness scene.

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Dubai 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Erica Blitz, July 2016



200hr Dubai Yoga Teacher Training Certification

If you love yoga, looking to deepen your practice and become a confident Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, we invite you to roll your mat out on July 8 – August 1, 2016 towards Erica Blitz’s 200 Hour Inquire + Inspire Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Dubai

In this foundational 23 day yoga alliance registered instructor’s course, you will build strength, increase flexibility, further expand your knowledge of what yoga is all about, have an understanding of functional anatomy as it relates to asana, understand how to sequence a yoga class, learn how to create an accessible class with the use of props, modifications and variations while learning about yourself along the way.

The training  focuses on the creative flow of Vinyasa, the astuteness of Ashtanga, and the life-affirming essence of Anusara. Grounded in a supportive and inviting space for every body to experience the benefits of yoga, students will experience creative, mindful movements that build physical strength and flexibility, reduce stress and quiet the mind. Defined as vinyasa krama — a step-by-step approach — sequencing classes in this way together with a focus on breathing, physical alignment, and dynamic movement, Erica creates an inspiring moving meditation that is simultaneously fun, challenging (yet accessible) and calming leaving you energized and centered long after you’ve left your yoga mat.

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher in Dubai 2016


This in-depth yoga teacher training also includes specialty areas of teaching such as restorative, 90 minute Hatha sequences, yoga for beginners, prenatal, pranayama and ayurveda. Knowledge in these areas can be extremely helpful, especially in large classes that tend to include all types of people including high stressed individuals and new students. The philosophy component of the program focuses on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through a combination of in-class discussions and homework, exploring the fascinating history of yoga and how to be able to apply concepts pertaining to the origins of yoga as well as its philosophical underpinnings into a class.

This is going to be a deep, thorough, creative and comprehensive training which will set you up to teach AND to live your life in the most authentic way possible. Practicing yoga is not for people seeking to hide from themselves, or from the world. Join us for a very special experience with incredible people from around the globe and celebrate your love of Yoga in a collaborative environment where your ability to practice and learn will deepen.

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Wonder what makes a GREAT yoga class and inspires students to return for more?


Become a certified yoga teacher in Dubai in 2016



Has yoga made your life better? Curious about the philosophies of yoga that make it more meaningful today? Interested in the essential elements of asana practice & how to address common misalignments? Want to learn how to refine your practice? Ever wonder what makes a GREAT yoga class and inspires students to return for more?

Inquire + Inspire 200 HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, created by Santa Barbara based master teacher Erica Blitz, offers you a strong foundation of yoga focusing on the discipline of Vinyasa flow: integrating movement of the body to the rhythm of the breath with a deep understanding of the science of alignment and the life-affirming essence of Anusara.


“In this training, you will be empowered to create classes in a safe, logical and creative way whether you want to teach a dynamic Vinyasa class or slow paced flow. The first step to deepening your practice is developing strong work in the basic foundational poses and then progress into more advanced poses including inversion variations, standing poses, backbends, arm balances hip openers & twists. Specialty areas covered: restorative, yoga for beginners, prenatal, pranayama and anatomy specific to yoga, all extremely useful with a large class to teach that tend to include all walks of life, from high stressed individual to new students. The philosophy component of the training will explore the fascinating history of yoga and how you can apply inspiring concepts to your classes” – Erica Blitz

By the end of the month, you will not only be a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher in Dubai, but you’ll probably be in the best shape of your life, both physically and biochemically.

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Overcome and Prevent Hip Pain | Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Dubai 2016



Dubai Yoga Teacher Training Certification 2016

The Middle Path | 30 Hour Therapeutic Elements of Yoga Training in Dubai by Zephyr Wildman, April 29 -May 3, 2016

Over years of use, our joints can get “ground up”—creaking, popping, and wheezing under the stress of their loads. Our hips in particular suffer—so much so that people eventually need hip-replacement surgery. Yoga, which aims for balance and harmony at every level of life, can help us stabilize and revitalize our hips by giving us the tools and the understanding to “hold close” to our spacious center, not just for the sake of our spiritual lives, but also for the health of our joints and the graceful aging of our bodies.

The confluence of a few simple factors can create a perfect storm of stress in the hip joint, especially for those leading an active life: joggers, walkers, weekend athletes, and, of course, asana practitioners (when we are not careful). To understand the problem, we’ll look at two important sets of muscles: the adductors (muscles of the inner thigh and groin that draw the legs toward the midline of the body) and the abductors (muscles of the outer hip that move the thighs apart, away from the midline). 

Take a close look at hip imbalances and yoga asana solutions for overcoming pain while building strength and flexibility >> Overcome and Prevent Hip Pain

This article was published by Yoga International and written by Doug Keller who holds a master’s degree in philosophy from Fordham University. His yoga journey includes 14 years of practicing in Siddha Yoga ashrams, intensive training in the Iyengar and Anusara methods, and nearly a decade of teaching in the U.S. and abroad. Doug Keller is one of Zephyr Wildman’s direct yoga teachers and she’s excited to present a fascinating 5 Day Therapeutics Training in Dubai on April 29-May 3, 2016.

Whether you are a teacher or practitioner, you will benefit from this intensive, where you will learn dozens of holistic healing postures, the therapeutic benefits of each posture, the art of sequencing a full restorative practice, as well as several sequences to boost energy in a tired, lethargic body and address specific areas in the body.


  • This 5 day teacher training is open for yoga teachers, physical therapists, body workers, energy workers, pilates and fitness instructors, stress management professions, and health counselors.
  • May also be taken by students with a regular yoga practice who are interested in a deeper understanding of therapeutics, the nervous system and energetics.

For more information and how to register, visit:

5 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Can Build Your Confidence


Yoga teacher training is a metaphor for life. As in your practice and in your life; the aim our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai on July 2016 is to build your power.There is only one way to access personal power and that’s through confidence; you have to believe it, you have to embody it. Building confidence is a shortcut to your purpose, which becomes a fast track to your highest possibility. That’s where power lives. Starting a 200hr yoga teacher training in Dubai with Erica Blitz will build confidence like nothing else.

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Source: 5 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Can Build Your Confidence

Dubai Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman, April 29 – May 3, 2016



Dubai Yoga Trainings Certifications

Are you a yoga teacher or advanced student aiming to develop your yoga therapeutics background and work with clients who’re living with chronic illness/injuries, as well as older age groups and corporates dealing with stress? Knowing how to work with these specific groups will deepen your confidence as a teacher, expand the range of private clients you can work with and increase the types of classes you can offer.
The objective of Zephyr Wildman’s 5 day/30 Applied Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training in Dubai  on April 29- May 3, 2016 is specifically geared towards trainees that are already yoga teachers/instructors and/or advanced students looking to further their understanding of muscles structure, common ailments/injuries and wish to support and treat clients and students suffering from those conditions through effective yoga therapy and application by addressing specific needs of individuals and groups, emphasise communication skills, observation, assisting and correcting yoga postures and specifically instruct trainees on manual adjustments and massage techniques.


•   Improve your expertise of optimal mind-body system functions and body awareness during a state of dynamic balance.
•   Educate you on skeletal, muscular and fascial structures of the body
•   How to tailor yoga therapy to the health needs of the individual in a way which is effective at reducing symptoms, restoring balance, increasing vitality and improving attitude.
•   Help you recognise unhealthy physical, psychological and spiritual patterns in their clients and in themselves.
•   Create assessment techniques that are bespoke to their clients and to themselves.
•   Create and use different techniques such as massage, stretching, breathing exercises, strengthening and different methods of yoga to emphasise prevention of pain and aid the recovery back to balance.
•   Inspire you to approach yoga philosophy with a value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others through yoga.


5 DAY SCHEDULE / 9:00AM-5:00PM
LUNCH BREAK 12:30-2:00PM

Day 1: Foundations of Yoga as Therapy. Introduction to the 5 Koshas 
Students will be introduced to the concept of the “Middle Path” through a lecture on the philosophical and practical approach to working therapeutically with people’s injuries, ailments, mental health, chronic pain and addiction. Using the modality of the Koshas, we will dissect each sheath individually with applied philosophy to treat an individual or class effectively. The emphasis for Day 1 will be creating a foundation to be referenced throughout the week, observing, identifying, assessing and understanding:
  • common structural problems
  • patterns of movement
  • Ayurvedic imbalances
  • Pranic problems in the body, mind and biochemistry
  • Prana Vayus
  • Swara
  • Chakras
  • Nadis
  • Patanjali’s map of the mind
  • Kleshas
  • Rasas
  • Gunas
  • and more
After our morning of building a good foundation for the concept of the “Middle Path” and introducing individual assessment skills we will apply customised sequences inspired by the Koshas. Asana, pranayama, meditation and massage will be our tools to treat common imbalances and pain that will be generalised for this first session. The sequencing will be discussed in great depth to ensure understanding and connectivity of correct assessment and application of treatment.
Day 2: Postural integrity and the spine 
Why do physical manifestations of mental issues arise? How can our mental state dictate our physical and energetic health?
With a thorough comprehension of the Koshas and a holistic approach to balance, students will now begin to look at specific alignment issues and causes of pain with a focus on the spine and postural integrity. Evaluation of posture will be our focus for the morning, however it takes more than just “good” posture to maintain “good” health and balance. We will explore methods of assessing problems with movement issues, the three diaphragms and we will also discuss the myofascial planes. We will assess techniques for dealing with Flexion and Extension Syndrome, while putting a special focus on understanding the focal points of weakness and stability and how they are affected by our lifestyle and genetic predisposition.
After a morning of theory and observation we will put into practice some application techniques utilising yoga asana, pranayama, kriyas and basic massage techniques that have been effective in reducing chronic pain and common conditions of the spine and posture.
Day 3: Feet, knees and hips
Balance of lifestyle and genetic predispositions. How do lifestyle choices effect the foundations of postural integrity?
This morning’s lecture will focus on anatomy and function of the feet, knees and hips. Working from the ground up, we will learn to see the body in action and how the interconnected lines of intelligence inform our patterns of movement and pain. Literally the foundations of our bodies health and balance, we will evaluate the alignment of the feet and legs and discuss how to assess alignment highlighting common problems, misalignments and causes of pain.
The metaphor for the Middle Path as our centre of balance is well illustrated in the application of techniques for this afternoon’s session. By looking at the feet, knees and hips as the foundation for the spine and the connections the spine has to the rest of the body we understand that this foundation is critical to supporting that well being and balance for the entire body. We will use yoga asana and massage techniques as well as customised sequencing to affect long term healing.
Day 4: Pelvic girdle
Everything is related and interconnected. The importance of creating a strong foundation (feet, knees, hips) to address the rest of the body.
This morning’s lecture will explore in depth the structural alignment issues, anatomy, muscles and function of the Pelvic Girdle. We will discuss and develop techniques for assessing problem areas and imbalance within the uniqueness of every pelvis. A keen attention to detail will aid the student to look at the alignment and observe and identify misalignment. We will discuss common problems and causes of pain, and most importantly how the pelvic girdle influences structural alignment for the rest of the body.
Hands on practice of applying the morning’s lecture and developing techniques that build alignment, flexibility and stability of the pelvis. Applying yoga asana and teaching basic massage techniques to alleviate misalignments and pain due to everyday lifestyle problems.
Day 5: Shoulder girdle
Psycho-emotional and subtle body (two of the koshas) imbalances and their connection to the pelvis. The importance of identifying problems with the pelvis and understanding their connectivity to other vulnerable areas of the body.
This morning’s lecture will be centred on the anatomy and function of the shoulder girdle. We will observe how improving range of motion can ease chronic pain in areas around the shoulder, neck and head, especially when the individual has experienced injury in these areas. We will pay close attention to evaluating posture and what it tells us about the state of the shoulder girdle. Observing the alignment and correctly ascertaining the causes of imbalance are crucial to this area as its range of motion and susceptibility to injury make it one of the more complex areas of focus.
Applying yoga asana and basic massage techniques that help to extend the range of motion with a specific injury related approach (e.g.,frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury) will be unique to this afternoon’s application.

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Fall in love with your yoga practice and inspire others to do the same. . .

Inquire + Inspire 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Training curriculum designed by Santa Barbara based master teacher Erica Blitz, offers you a strong foundation of yoga focusing on the discipline of Vinyasa flow: integrating the movement of the body to the rhythm of the breath to connect to the beauty, strength and grace of your body with a deep understanding of the science of alignment and the life-affirming essence ofAnusara. This in-depth training touches on specialty areas such as how to teach restorative classes, yoga for beginners, prenatal yoga, pranayama, ayurveda, subtle body, and anatomy specific to yoga which leaves you with a strong understanding of these complimentary sister sciences.

The philosophy component of the program mainly focuses on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through a combination of in-class discussions and homework, exploring the fascinating history of yoga and how to be able to apply concepts pertaining to the origins of yoga as well as its philosophical underpinnings into a class.

Each day, will begin with a 2hr powerful morning practice to engage your body and mind. You will then move through a functional approach to anatomy as it relates to yoga asana afterwards, to inform your understanding of movement, intelligent cues and inventive sequencing. The anatomy lessons will be presented in short segments to support both movement and breath principles with a sense of relevance to yoga asana.

“In this training, I focus on the Iyengar alignment based and the sequencing is an Arch Progression Model. With this information, you will be empowered to create classes in a safe, logical and creative way whether you want to teach a more dynamic Vinyasa class or slow paced. Through the course, we will work on clarifying what inspires you to teach and how to integrate that into your teaching. The first step to deepening your practice is developing strong and intelligent work in some of the basic foundational poses. From there you will learn how to apply these basic techniques into more advanced poses including inversion variations, standing poses, backbends, arm balances hip openers, twists and more. ” – Erica Blitz

Begin your journey . . .

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GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training – Skills for Life!



GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, October 7-8, 2016.

From an early-age, children are sometimes pressured into being told they are great at sports and others great in academics. But every kid regardless of their innate skills, can benefit from the non-competitive spirit of Yoga which cultivates their focus, concentration, happiness, confidence and deep relaxing breathing techniques which then enables them to perform better with less anxiousness towards their upcoming academic test or sports. While any movement is great movement, Yoga teaches kids how to “love” others by loving themselves first and in turn, makes for a calmer, more confident and happy household!

If you’d like to spread the incredible healing benefits of Yoga to kids, join Greville Henwood, founder of GroovyKids Yoga Teacher’s Training program on October 7-8 in Dubai. This program is designed to educate, inspire and enlighten teachers, parents and anyone else who wants to introduce Kids to the joys and benefits of Yoga. Its primary focus is MOVEMENT which leads children to LEARN and GROW. Science has shown that movement is the prime component in our brains and developing organs.

This weekend training is ideal for beginning teachers, parents or yogis who would love to be part of kids transformation and how to tailor classes to children of different ages, as well as partner yoga work, breath techniques and the actual content of the class-time.

Open to anyone who has a passion in both Yoga and Kids.

Visit: – and click on Yoga Teacher Trainings or simply complete the form below: